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MinuteHound Time & Attendance System – Stop Employee Time Theft in its Tracks

Employees in almost every industry have been stealing time from their employers for many years. Time cards made time theft extremely simple. However, since it’s so difficult to track, chances are most employees won’t get caught. An inefficient payroll system has forced companies to absorb drastic losses for many years. MinuteHound can clarify what “stealing time” means. Simply put, when they say employees are stealing time, they mean employees are spending parts of the work day engaged in activities that are unrelated to their job duties.

Employees are stealing time in many ways, including:

  • Taking extended lunch breaks
  • Buddy punching – having a buddy punch in for an employee so it appears that the employee arrived to work on time when they didn’t
  • Tardiness
  • Unauthorized overtime

Although it is difficult to gauge exactly how much money companies lose to employees that are stealing time because it’s difficult to track with any certainty, conservative reports estimate that time theft can cost employers hundreds of billions of dollars each year. This cost increases as wages increase, so you can imagine what kind of money Fortune 500 companies lose each year to the same problem.

How can MinuteHound Claim to Be Able to Stop Employees form Stealing Time?

This is an excellent question with a simple answer. MinuteHound has taken the time clock to the next level. They have merged the time clock with fingerprint scanning technology. Because no two people have exactly the same fingerprints, MinuteHound’s time clock will easily spot this as an attempt at buddy punching and flag the punch. The system also alerts you to other types of time theft like extended breaks, unauthorized overtime and early punch-outs. This makes stealing time virtually impossible.

Can MinuteHound’s Time Clock Increase Payroll Efficicency?
Stop Employees From Stealing Time at Work!

Absolutely! To MinuteHound, it’s not enough to simply stop employees from stealing time. MinuteHound seeks to solve all of the biggest problems caused by an inefficient payroll system. This includes streamlining data access and improving the way the data is presented. Since the data is presented in a less confusing way, payroll processing becomes much more efficient.

This is made possible by allowing the data to be accessed from anywhere in the world and on any wireless device. You can assign access to whomever you wish to have access to the data and even control how much access is granted. Just create a username and password for whomever you want to have access, and they will have access. Furthermore, instead of a complex system of stamped cards, which can often become lost or illegible, MinuteHound’s data is presented using a system of well-organized charts and graphs. Each one shows specifics about each employee’s time and attendance.

What Kind of Savings Can I Expect?

Companies that have used the MinuteHound time clock have reported an average cost savings of 5%. However, as with most statistics, your savings may differ.

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MinuteHound Stops Employees From Stealing Time

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