Biometric Time Recording Technology: Throw Away The Paper And Pens!

Biometric Time Recording Uses Fingerprints Instead of Pens And Paper

Are you looking for ways to reduce costs and save your company money? Well congratulations, your in the right place! MinuteHound is a true time and attendance solution that provides companies a modern way to manage their staff, conduct payroll, and overall make life easier and stress free. Whether your in charge of 5 million, 5 thousand, or just 5 employees; you must have a verified way to track their time and pay them accordingly. Welcome to biometrics! Biometric time recording is state of the art technology, that does all the heavy lifting for you!

MinuteHound uses biometric time recording, which means your staff will have to verify themselves each and every time they clock-in and out of work. Through verification all managers and employers are guaranteed accurate reports. No cheating, errors, or mistakes. Biometric time recording means you will never over or under pay your staff again.

So how does biometric time recording work? Great question! It’s very simple: fingerprints! That’s right, all your employees’ have to do is show up to work, place their finger on the scanner, and start working. When they leave work, they place their finger on the scanner. Same process for taking breaks. This way, through biometric time recording, every second is accounted for. Not only accounted for, but verified. By using fingerprints, your staff won’t even have the option of covering for each other. Biometric time recording is your guaranteed method to stop your staff from buddy punching, payroll fraud, and avoid all mistakes, whether they be accidental or intentional.

Biometric Time Recording 100% Safe For All Users

Have no fear, MinuteHound is here! Biometric time recording is the safest and most secure form of biometrics on the market. Images are never stored or kept. Your private information, and all of your staff’s private information stays that way at all times: private! With biometric time recording, information is never at risk. Also, since all of the data is stored offsite at remote locations, physical damage will never affect your information either. So if any type of fire, water, or smoke damage ever happened at your place of business, your information is still safe and sound.

Biometric Time Recording Helps You Succeed!If someone steals the actual scanner, it doesn’t matter. Even if someone tried to hack your computer or even steal the computer itself, it does not matter. Nothing is stored on the scanner or your computer. MinuteHound is literally 100% safe for all users, on every level.

How about accessing that information? The world is now mobile, and you as a business manager or owner need to have access to your information when you need it, and at your convenience. Since biometric time recording tracks time down to the second in real time, your able to view it just as fast. You can log-on to your MinuteHound portal and view live reporting. From your office, home, vacation, or mobile device you can always log-in and take a look. Biometric time recording is the method that makes your office virtual. Never again worry about going to the office and reading paper sheets with unclear writing or human error. Let technology do that for you! Work smarter, not harder with biometric time recording.

Biometric Time Recording Is Cutting Edge, and Stays That Way

MinuteHound is not the full and proven solution for your business based off technology alone. Live support and lifetime updates are included. Your business is all that matters to you, keep it that way. Let MinuteHound take care of the technology that manages your company. When there is an update to the system, you get it. No hidden fees or extra charges. You pay $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Biometric time recording works with a scanner, which costs $99.95, which is a one time fee for life. Pay it once and never again. It’s also risk free, so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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