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MinuteHound Brings Biometric Time Keeping To Your Business

There are few people who are not familiar with how a time clock works. Usually, the employee pushes a button or pulls a lever, and the time is stamped onto a card. The problems with this are many. The worker can tamper with the clock to make it look like he clocked in or out at a different time, the time cards can get lost, the machine can jam, and workers can operate the clock for each other. MinuteHound can greatly improve how your business manages time by using biometric time keeping.

Biometric time keeping is the process of managing office time events using a biometric signature. In the case of MinuteHound, anyone who uses the time clock signs in or out using their finger print. This makes sure that they are who they claim to be. All time events are logged on a remote “cloud” server. The current time is synced to an Internet server. This makes sure that there is no way to tamper with the PC using biometric time keeping.

Biometric Time Keeping Saves Companies Time, Money, And Stress

Because the time data is stored on a cloud server, the boss can check it at any time, from any place. Any device that can access the Internet, including smart phones, PCs and tablet computers, can view the time logs. Biometric time keeping makes sure that the data is accurate and always up to date. In order to make sure that only designated managers can view/edit the information, all data transfers use 128-bit encryption to ensure your privacy and security. MinuteHound biometric time keeping software can even inform the boss if someone clocks in early or clocks out late. These messages can be sent using text message, instant message or email.

Improve Office Efficiency With Biometric Time KeepingNot only is MinuteHound a robust biometric time keeping system, it is also very easy to use. Anyone can install it. It is fully “plug and play” and will work on any standard office PC. All that is needed is a standard USB finger print reader. There are no long manuals to read and no complex instructions to follow. If you need it, tech support is always available via phone or email. Biometric time keeping is your surefire way to save, while greatly improving office efficiency.

Biometric Time Keeping Is Completely Risk Free

Now that you know the many benefits of biometric time keeping, why not use MinuteHound to manage time at your business? There is no risk. Give it a try today, and you will never use a dusty old time clock again. Let modern technology do the hard work for you, so that you can spend more time on your business. Call MinuteHound at (800) 351-7237 and find out all the ways how MinuteHound can benefit you!

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