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The Biometric Time System Revolution

Gone are the days of managing a big pile of time cards and a clunky wall unit. With the new fingerprint reader, the physical cards are gone. You will know for sure that a worker who has clocked in was physically present at the machine. If you have ever spent time and effort trying to use your old time system to track your workers, you know how much of a boon this is.

How a Biometric Time System Can Solve Labor Problems
In addition to the annoyance of taking care of the time system, there are other problems with the old style. The biggest problem with a time system is that it is possible for employees to game the system. For example, with time cards, it isn’t hard for workers to make arrangements to clock each other in. This is especially easy in larger workplaces. But a biometric time system solves that problem by requiring a finger swipe. There is no way for a worker to clock in as someone else.

Other Features of the Biometric Time System
There is more to MinuteHound’s biometric time system. All of the clock data is stored in the cloud on MinuteHound’s secure servers. This means that it cannot be manipulated or altered by workers. Other benefits of cloud storage include the ability to automatically notify people when a worker arrives late- such as the manager on deck or the worker themselves. The biometric time system can also track the number of clocked in workers and inform the manager if the count is too high or too low.

MinuteHound’s Biometric Time System Saves Money
Employee Attendance Software Now Easier Than EverAll of the convenience of our system adds up to one simple fact- the MinuteHound system is a money-saver. Research from the American Payroll Association reveals that business that use MinuteHound can enjoy as much as an 8 percent savings in labor costs. In this economy, that is a gamechanger. Cost control in bad times is the best way for businesses to survive.

Biometric Time System Trial
If you are unsure about whether MinuteHound can really help you streamline your business, you can try it out risk free. We have a full return policy- we will even pay for the costs of shipping if you decide to return! The best way to see how well the system works for you is to give it a shot. You might be surprised at how much it saves you.

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