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MinuteHound Computerized Attendance System Improves Employee Management

Regardless of the type of attendance system you are currently using, consider updating your solution to the MinuteHound computerized attendance system. With many types of attendance systems, the employee manually clocks into a system by using a paper time card or even by using a personalized code. However, these methods do not ensure that the employee is physically on-site when clocking in or out. Because of this, issues related to the buddy punching in system, time theft and even manipulation of records to inflate overtime compensation are a concern. As a manager or business owner, you may find yourself regularly taking steps to monitor and curb this behavior. There is financial cost associated with these activities, and your company may be losing money as a result. With the MinuteHound computerized attendance system, you will have a solution to your problems.

How the Computerized Attendance System Promotes Honesty and Punctuality
When you review the features of the MinuteHound computerized attendance system, you will discover that this program has enhanced features for your benefit. This is a patented system that requires each employee to place his or her fingertip over a biometric reading pad. This means that the employee must be physically present when clocking in or out and that a co-worker cannot complete this task for another employee. Furthermore, it also eliminates issues related to manipulating time sheets for the benefit of enhanced overtime. It is estimated that companies’ payroll expenses may be inflated by as much as eight percent because of these and related activities by dishonest employees, and this removes this possibility. More than that, employees will receive a text message when they are late for their shift, and this encourages punctuality.

How MinuteHound Simplifies Your Management Tasks
Innovation is MinuteHoundThe MinuteHound computerized attendance system can help you to save money by preventing theft and other issues. In addition, the system also can help you to simplify management tasks. This is a system that places all data collected by the biometric reader online in the cloud. You can access this data real-time as needed. You do not have to wonder if your facility is fully staffed when you are not on-site because you can log in to view employment activity at any time around-the-clock.

With the implementation of a computerized attendance system like MinuteHound, you can simplify your management tasks in a number of ways, and you may be able to reduce overhead related to payroll. This is an effective solution that can ease many of the management burdens you face, and you can learn about the features of this computerized attendance system in greater detail today. Keep in mind that this program is available to you with a risk-free guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

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