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Biometric Time Systems Make Time Tracking Easier for You

The end of the month wasn’t the best time for Amos. He had to put in extra hours to prepare the payroll for over 200 employees in different departments. With errors coming up in records submitted by heads of departments, the workload was always too much. Well, this was before the introduction of MinuteHound biometric time systems.

Understanding Biometric Time Systems
These systems consist of various components. The components include software and a fingerprint scanner. You install the software then connect the scanner to the computer via a USB port or wirelessly. Employees use the biometric time systems by simply placing a finger on the scanner to clock in and out. As you can see, the system requires no cards for the process.

Cloud-based Biometric Time Systems
MinuteHound biometric time systems connect with a cloud-hosted biometric terminal that serves as a records store. This means you as the manager can access employee records online in real time. This makes your job simple, because you don’t have to be on location to understand what is going on with your employees at all times.

Notifications as Necessary
Biometric time systems come with a notification component that tracks your employees and alerts you of what is happening. For instance, if an employee is late, MinuteHound biometric time systems send you a text message or an email about this issue. The system also sends a notification to the employee. This acts as a reminder for the employee to clock in, if present.

Eliminate Unapproved Overtime
Amos remembers one incidence that nearly cost him his job. One of the workers in the accounting department was in the habit of claiming non-existent overtime each month. The trend went on for a long time until internal auditors discovered a discrepancy in the requests. The findings showed that the employee was getting paid for hours not worked.

With MinuteHound biometric time systems, there is no time theft. The system displays accurate information at all times, which reduces payroll expenses. As the moment, Amos boasts of a decrease in payroll expenses of 7 percent reported in the past financial year.

It Grows with Your Business
Connect To Savings Using BiometricsMinuteHound biometric time systems can be upgraded to accommodate more employees. This means that you don’t have to worry about overhauling the system; all you need to do is add the employees. MinuteHound can handle all the employees of an entire organization.

Recover lost time With Biometric Time Systems
In conclusion, you can recover any time and money lost by using MinuteHound systems. You don’t have to worry about time theft and work overload, because of the efficiency of these systems. They are easy to install and can be used the same day after successful installation.

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