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Biometric Time Clocks: Time attendance devices from MinuteHound

It can prove difficult enough to schedule your workforce, as life throws unforeseen variables your way each week. While you have little or no control over outside factors that negatively impact your organization, you can avoid internal matters from doing so by implementing MinuteHound’s time attendance devices. MinuteHound offers a combination of cloud-based attendance software and biometric time clocks that can help you stop “buddy punching,” time theft and human error from plaguing your payroll.

The Benefits of Using MinuteHound’s Time Attendance Devices
John says he forgot his credentials and couldn’t log in in when he started work half an hour ago. You have no way of verify if he’d actually attempted to log in in and so you spend time helping him reset his password and granting him the half hour. With MinuteHound’s time attendance devices, there’s no need to hassle with forgotten passwords and reconcile attendance records. Using only a finger, employees log on and off of your organization time clocks.

Jane had a personal emergency and will miss her shift. Thanks to your implementation of MinuteHound, your attendance system will automatically notify other employees of Jane’s absence so the team can brace for a heavier workload and someone else can prepare to step in. MinuteHound can send email and text notification to employees and managers alike notifying them of their absence. MinuteHound’s software can also notify managers when there aren’t enough employees on the clock or when there’re currently too many clocked in.

Time Attendance Devices: Safe and Secure Technology

Employee Scheduling Software w/ AlertsJarrod knew Jason would be roughly an hour late. Armed with Jason’s credentials, Jarrod logs Jason in on time and steals time from your organization. Thanks to the biometric technology utilized by MinuteHound’s time attendance devices, you won’t have to every worry about Jarrod punching his buddy onto your time clock again. MinuteHound’s time attendance devices scan and encrypts an employee’s fingerprint before logging the punch onto your time sheets. An employee must be physically present in order to clock in.

Enhance the Accuracy of Your Workplace’s Attendance Reporting with MinuteHound
MinuteHound’s attendance systems can reduce your organization’s payroll cost by between two and eight percent, according to the American Payroll Association. And setting up a MinuteHound system is simple. MinuteHound’s time attendance devices require only a computer that has an internet connection and an open USB port. Installing time attendance devices from MinuteHound requires only a software drive and enrolling employees into the system take roughly a minute or too — there’s no limit to the amount of employees you can enroll.

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