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Cloud-based Biometric Timeclock Software: Future of Attendance Management Systems

There is a variety of employee attendance management systems used by small and large organizations. The conventional method involves the use of an attendance register and is subject to abuse. Automated attendance management systems employ different types of technology to accurately track employee attendance. Some systems require employees to enter a password or code to clock in. Others use more authentic methods of identifying the employee using their biometrics data. Biometric technology scans an employee fingerprint on a scanner and compares the results to a previously held database of employee fingerprint records. In MinuteHound’s case, fingerprints are never kept. Instead, it is a string of numbers. If the data matches, authentication is approved, enabling the employee to clock in or out.

Types of Attendance Management Systems
Over time, employees have found a way around most of the automated attendance management systems, and practices such as early punching, late punching and buddy punching have become the norm for many organizations. Biometric timeclock software, though regarded more effective than other technologies, still leaves room for fraudulent practices. The employee attendance record is saved on a computer device usually placed within the organization and is still subject to data manipulation and theft. These unethical practices at the workplace also lead to high financial costs for the organizations that pay employees for hours they didn’t spend at the workplace.

MinuteHound’s cloud-based biometric timeclock software addresses this issue. It employs biometric fingerprint scans to establish employee identity. However, after establishing the identity of employees, data is encrypted and dispatched to MinuteHound’s cloud servers, leaving no room for manipulation or theft of data.

Cloud-based Biometric Timeclock Software Saves Your Money
By eliminating practices, such as buddy punching, erroneous reporting and time theft, companies typically realize a return on investment (ROI) of 2300%. According to the American Payroll Association, businesses lose more than $148 billion annually because of ineffective reporting of time. The APA also states that on average, time theft results in 5-10 percent of the total payroll cost. By switching to MinuteHound’s cloud-based biometric timeclock software, your business can save this unnecessary cost.

Online Web Access to Employee Attendance with Biometric Timeclock Software
Work Tracking Through BiometricsMinuteHound is the only company that gives completely integrated solution for employee attendance management. This includes a Web portal for the decision makers who can monitor employee attendance in realtime as they clock-in or out. The Web portal can be accessed from any device that is connected to the Internet.

MinuteHound Biometric Timeclock Software: No Training Required
MinuteHound offers a simple biometric timeclock software solution that doesn’t require complex IT skills or training. After the initial setup, the program runs in the background and stores data in cloud. The biometric scanner has powerful sensors that are activated with a swipe of the finger, making it extremely simple to use the program.

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