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How Biometric Timekeeping Software Works

Accuracy, savings, and ease of use is making biometric timekeeping software essential in most workplaces. Think of time and attendance: employees record their time worked and keeps track of their attendance. Most companies use simple time sheets, pin numbers, cards, or other various ways for employees to get paid. Every company has a system, but unless timekeeping software is present, chances are employees are stealing time and employers are losing money. That is why biometrics are so important, as it stops all forms of cheating.

MinuteHound created biometric timekeeping software in order to assist owners, leaders, and supervisors manage their staff and hold all employees accountable for their actions. With biometrics, each employee has to be physically present in order to record time. Friends can’t cover, and times cannot be changed. Timekeeping software works for its easy to use and requires no training or special skills. A positive and productive work environment is sparked, as all employees must be on time and not leave early.

Timekeeping Software For All Size Businesses

The beauty behind MinuteHound’s timekeeping software is how simple, yet effective it is. Once an account is setup with MinuteHound, a biometric scanner is mailed out. This is how your employees will actually clock-in and out. Just plug in the scanner to any computer, and the timekeeping software is downloaded. A quick setup in under 10 minutes is all it takes. Whether you have 5, 5,000, or 50,000 employees MinuteHound will work without a hitch and accurately record the time of an entire work staff.

Timekeeping Software Works on Any PCNowadays with so many advancements in technology, paper time sheets and any other form of time and attendance that does not stop cheating is an expense you can do without. By trying to save money going cheaper on an inaccurate system, you business is probably losing money. Timekeeping software stops cheating and even human error. If an employee does not show up for work or arrives late, an alert is sent out. Even if the employee tries to sneak out early, an alert in the form of text/email will be sent to managers and/or designated parties.

Timekeeping Software Costs and Expected Gains

MinuteHound’s timekeeping software costs $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. This is how every size business can use this advanced technology. Depending on the size of your company is which tier you will be placed in. That price also includes every single feature of MinuteHound, including around the clock technical support. In addition, lifetime updates to the timekeeping software is included. Also, by using timekeeping software, the typical business who switches to MinuteHound sees a return on investment of 2300%. These numbers are real, and it is why MinuteHound is the leader for biometric time and attendance. Over 150,000 daily users scan in and out of work. Try timekeeping software today and enjoy these great benefits!

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