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Small Business Affordable Time Clock

The technology behind MinuteHound was first designed for military facilities. The technology is called biometrics, which is fingerprint scanning. So for small business, it works wonders. By using an affordable time clock featuring biometrics, all forms of cheating are over. Compared to time sheets, biometrics have employees verify their attendance prior to recording time. Friends cannot cover for one another, and payroll fraud is over. By simply using an affordable time clock, payroll expenses go down on average from 2% – 8%. From the first day of use, a small business time clock w/ biometrics reduces costs and racks up savings!

After setting up an account with MinuteHound, the biometric scanner is mailed. Once received, all that needs to happen is to plug it in and download the software. Employees are registered, and from this moment on all staff simply scan their finger or thumb to sign in and out of work. MinuteHound is a package, and the affordable time clock, software, and support are all included. Depending on the size of your business is how much you pay. Most clients who switch to MinuteHound see on average a 2300% return on their investment! It all starts with the purchase of an affordable time clock, that is backed for life.

A Biometric Affordable Time Clock Vs. Other Time Clocks

MinuteHound encourages you to shop around for biometric time clocks, as none other will provide you with the features and reliability of MinuteHound. The affordable time clock from MinuteHound is the size of a computer mouse, and easily plugs into any computer or POS system already in place. There is no mounting, connecting wires, or anything difficult required. It is also backed for life, so if something goes wrong in a day or 20 years, MinuteHound will take care of it. The affordable time clock from MinuteHound is also under $100.00. No other small business time clock even comes close.

MinuteHound USB Scanner- Affordable Time ClockThere are so many other versions and designs when it comes to time clocks, but only MinuteHound has the patented technology to guarantee privacy. When employees scan their finger or thumb, no prints are stored. Nothing is ever saved on the scanner or computer, making information 100% safe at all times. The affordable time clock is priced for small business, but not cheaply made by any means. The scanner has the highest read rate in the industry, so don’t worry about your business if employees work with their hands. The affordable time clock for small business is an easy and smart decision for any owner to make!

The Affordable Time Clock Features

In addition to all of the above, the affordable time clock is green and provides 24/7 access to important information. There is no paper supplies needed, as everything is digital. MinuteHound stores all reports in the cloud, making it very easy to access data whenever you need it. MinuteHound is a true and powerful time and attendance system, with the affordable time clock just being one piece of it. Live technical support, text and email alerts, and so much more are all included. Try it today risk free and put MinuteHound to work!

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