Easy Time Clock For Employees- No IT Skills or Training Required

Easy Time Clock- Why Business Owners Love It

Affordable, reliable, and simple. These are the main reasons among many others on why MinuteHound’s easy time clock is used by over 150,000 employees everyday. Business owners love that the easy time clock is not only simple to install and setup, but that it actually provides results. From day one, the easy time clock will upgrade any workplace setting. Instead of having staff sign in on a piece of paper or log in with a pin and password, the easy time clock will have all staff scan their finger or thumb. This simple process makes employees verify attendance before recording time. This process automatically eliminates time theft, payroll fraud, and buddy punching. The easy time clock is an easy decision to make!

The average business who switches to MinuteHound sees a 2300% return on their investment. Right now American businesses report losses in the billions of dollars, all due to inaccurate and outdated time and attendance practices and human error. That is why the easy time clock works; it completely fixes both intentional and honest mistakes. All times are accurate, which means payroll is not only a breeze, but always correct. If an employee does not show up to work or arrives late, the easy time clock will know. An email and/or text message is sent out immediately. Managers have many tools to help and assist the most common tasks.

The Easy Time Clock Process

MinuteHound is the current leader in biometric time and attendance. Look around for any other biometric option and it will become clear very quickly why that is. After creating an account with MinuteHound, the easy time clock, or biometric scanner, is mailed right to your business. Once received simply plug it in, download the software from any web browser, and wah-la! Installation is complete. It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. From this point on, the easy time clock is ready to go and be used by employees. A simple scan is all it takes to verify attendance then record their hours worked.

Effortless Payroll Using The Easy Time ClockThe easy time clock is not only simple to use and operate, but very advanced. It is the size of a computer mouse, and does nothing but read fingerprints, then convert them into numbers using an algorithm. Fingerprints are never stored. The easy time clock has a very high read rate- meaning that your workers will have no problems scanning in and out. Information is never at risk, as data is never saved locally. Instead, every piece of information is transferred offsite to cloud servers so that managers can view information, edit that information, and even export payroll in real time.

How Much Does The Easy Time Clock Cost?

The easy time clock is $99.95. That includes all taxes and priority shipping! Better yet, the easy time clock is guaranteed for life! If any problems occur with the scanner, or even if you simply decide to cancel service, simply return the easy time clock for the $99.95 back. No risk, nothing to lose, and so much to gain! For all the services of MinuteHound, the total cost is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. So depending on the size of your business is how much you will pay. MinuteHound fits any budget, and with technical support always a phone call away, every business is setup for success!

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Easy Time Clock Guaranteed For LifeNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Easy Time Clock.

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