Biometrics In Business: Identity Protection, Payroll Automation

Profit Protection Using Biometrics in Business

Biometrics takes uniqueness of human individuals and uses it for identification and controlling access to areas and information. Biometrics in business are used in time tracking for wage earning and salaried employees. The patterns of blood vessels in a person’s retina is a unique biometric signature. A sample of DNA would be a biometric signature. Both of those are more difficult to use in a business setting, but fingerprints are unique and easy to scan. This makes the use of biometrics in business to control payroll easy to accomplish.

Biometrics in business is coming of age. Wage earners who have been in the workforce for a number of years are familiar with the old metal time clocks that hang on a wall. A metal rack next to the clock holds individual time cards that get “punched” by the time clock. The clock itself has metal wheels with digits that advance to print the date and time. Slide the card in, and it makes a loud click to imprint the current date and time on the card. At the end of the pay period, each card is hand calculated by payroll personnel to pay wages. Biometrics in business completely changes this. Old and outdated systems can be taken advantage of.

Without using biometrics in business, simple tasks become a tedious time-consuming process. Friends cover for each other at work. Clocking in and out for one another might mean nothing to them, but it’s money out of your pocket. Without using biometrics in business, your simply losing money. Time theft is a serious issue that plagues every company in America. Big or small, employees find ways to take advantage of the system. Though it is theft, it is hard to track in companies that have a lot of employees. Plastic cards with magnetic stripes are not a deterrent either. The employees just pass them back and forth. Requiring a fingerprint scan requires that the employees be present to punch in and out. Biometrics in business hold employees accountable for their actions.

How Biometrics In Business Benefits You

The use of biometrics in business has been increasing steadily as technology grows. Some companies use retina scanning for security access. Retina scanning is expensive and is an invasive process. Biometrics in business using fingerprint scanners is completely non-invasive, and works great for employee time tracking. A small scanning device examines the employees fingerprint to match the pattern that is logged into the system.

Biometrics In Business Feature 128-Bit Data EncryptionUsing biometrics in business, MinuteHound stops time abuse at the time clock. An email or text message is sent the instant someone is late for a shift or leaves early. Employees who routinely add a few minutes of overtime to each shift can be monitored too. Payroll no longer has to manually input hours worked. The scanner and software take care of it all. One of the greatest features is that there is no downtime needed to learn the system. It is designed to be used intuitively right off the bat. However, customer support is always available. Use biometrics in business to your advantage.

Biometrics In Business Benefits

MinuteHound is completely green. Another advantage to using biometrics in business is how easy it is to use and setup. There is no training required. Paperless products only add to your savings. The entire system can be installed and running in under ten minutes. All information is available for viewing at any time. Check on your staff while at the mall. See who is on shift while your getting your car washed. Mobile access keeps you constantly informed. Overtime will never creep up on you. Employees stay honest at all times. Your reports are guaranteed to be accurate. Make the switch today. You will be so glad you did!

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