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The Future of Biometrics Time and Attendance System

Conventional methods of tracking employee attendance, such as attendance registers have largely been rendered obsolete and have been replaced by a number of automated options. Automated solutions use some type of baseline technology to accurately track employee attendance. They also implement sufficient security standards to prevent manipulation of employee attendance data. Despite the transition from manual to automated attendance systems, organizations are still unsuccessful in accurately determining employee work hours.

Many attendance programs and systems make use of password combinations to let an employee clock in or out. While this is a popular technique, anyone with the password combination can access the device instead of the actual employee whose work hours are being determined by the system.

Biometrics Time and Attendance System
Another option is the use of biometrics time and attendance system. Perhaps it wouldn’t be wrong to say that biometrics technology is least susceptible to security threats. Human characteristics, such as fingerprint data are tracked by biometric sensors. It is nearly foolproof system where data forgery and manipulation is largely eliminated. However, fingerprint data is stored in a database that is still susceptible to theft.

MinuteHound’s Cloud-based Biometrics Time and Attendance System
These were some of the important considerations made by MinuteHound before it released a patented cloud technology that aims to redefine biometrics time and attendance system. It is an innovation of the previous systems and makes use of cloud storage to store fingerprint data securely. Data captured from employee’s fingerprint is immediately dispatched to MinuteHound’s servers after granting authentication to the employee based on data comparison with database record. Each fingeprint is encrypted into a 128-bit number. The print itself is never stored.

Benefits of Cloud-based Biometrics Time and Attendance System
Attendance Management Makes SenseWith MinuteHound’s biometrics time and attendance system, you can accurately log an employee’s work hours. Additionally, the software also processes this information into useful data and reports that are beneficial for your company’s HR department. In addition to accurate reporting of time, companies derive another impressive benefit in the form of enormous cost-saving. According to the American Payroll Association, practices, such as buddy punching, late punching, early punching and erroneous reporting of time can cost a company 2-8 % of its payroll. To eliminate these massive costs, your business must consider using biometrics time and attendance system by MinuteHound.

How It Works
When an employee places his finger on the biometric scanner, the computer will match the data against previously held record in its database. If there is a data match, authentication is granted to the concerned employee. Traditionally, a biometrics time and attendance system would then log the time/date in the same PC that is running the attendance system. However, MinuteHound goes an extra step of encrypting data and transferring it securely to its cloud servers, leaving no room for data manipulation or theft.

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