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How Biometric Time Attendance System Software Can Save You Money

Big and small businesses alike face the common problem of high payroll costs and time theft. Older physical clock-based time tracking systems rely highly on employee honesty and low occurrence of clocking mistakes. Payroll departments spend hours trying to sort out inconsistencies in time cards and time sheets. New technology from MinuteHound has brought us biometric time attendance system software that uses fingerprints for employee verification and stores information in the cloud. This type of tracking system saves business owners money by eliminating time theft and reducing payroll costs.

Cutting Out Time Theft with Biometric Time Attendance System Software
There are several known methods in which employees lie about time spent at work. The most common method is “buddy punching” in which friends clock in for each other when they are late or absent. For example, if Sue is running late but doesn’t want the boss to know, she calls Joanne and asks her to clock her in. Sue might also ask Joanne to clock her out at the end of the day so she can leave early. Biometric time attendance system software uses fingerprints for verification that the employee is actually present. This completely cuts out any incidences of time theft.

Furthermore, MinuteHound’s biometric time attendance system software is stored in the cloud and is available in real time. Supervisors can log into the online system from anywhere to find out who is and is not at work. This cloud-based system is patented by MinuteHound, so they are the only company that can offer a 100% cloud or internet-based system.

Reducing Payroll Costs with Biometric Time Attendance System Software
Employee Scheduling Software w/ AlertsBecause all information is recorded and stored online, reports are automatically generated by the system and sent to the human resources department. There is no longer a need to employ payroll-specific employees to track time and sort out inconsistencies. Managers are notified via text or email when employees are late or not present, so there is nothing to track that managers are not already aware of. MinuteHound’s biometric time attendance system software is so accurate that these inconsistencies no longer exist. All business owners know that time is money; human resources representatives spend much less time working on payroll and more time getting more important projects accomplished.

MinuteHound Savings
This biometric time attendance system software offered exclusively by MinuteHound saves companies an average of 2-8% on payroll costs by eliminating time theft and reducing cost of human resources employees. Big and small companies alike are encouraged to try this new and exciting technology. No matter what size the business, everyone can benefit from saving a few dollars on payroll.

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