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Swapping out a traditional time clock for a state-of-the-art fingerprint attendance machine is probably one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make. Not only does it save companies tons of cash, but it’s one of the most effective ways to track payroll. Business owners and supervisors simply love the cost effectiveness of a MinuteHound fingerprint attendance machine. They also love the fact that no matter where they are in the world, they can keep track of their employees anywhere they have an Internet connection.

With MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint attendance machine, employers receive the most current information available. If an employee is late or fails to show up for work, supervisors and business owners are alerted via text message or email. This precise method puts an end to time theft and payroll fraud.

Another fantastic advantage of a MinuteHound fingerprint attendance machine is the employees love it. Its simplicity eliminates the need for lengthy training sessions or long-winded manuals. With a simple touch of a finger, their identity is verified. No more will they need to trek across the office to punch out on time. With those extra minutes saved, not only does employee productivity increase but so does their overall level of satisfaction.

Say Ciao to Badges and Secret Pin Codes
Fingerprint Attendance MachineAnother added benefit of a fingerprint attendance machine is that employees don’t have to memorize pin numbers. There are no special codes to memorize or badges to pin on. With a fingerprint attendance machine, employees are assured they will be paid correctly each and every pay period.

With time cards and traditional timekeeping systems, human error was almost the norm. Time wasted searching for employees in an attempt to verify their hours equated to a loss of money and loss of productivity. With a MinuteHound fingerprint attendance machine, both employees and their supervisors have the piece of mind that they will never be underpaid due to human error. In addition, time theft and payroll fraud rates decrease to nil. The high-tech functionality of a fingerprint attendance machine eliminates the risk of co-worker’s signing in for their friends or employees sneaking out early.

Fingerprint Attendance Machine is No Risk

After an employee swipes their finger or thumb, that imprint is immediately converted into a series of digits, which are safely stored in a 128-bit encrypted cloud online. Identity theft simply doesn’t exist with a fingerprint attendance machine. All private information remains private. Administrators and those in charge of payroll are the only ones who have access to these records, again ensuring the highest level of protection. MinuteHound knows time is money. Converting to a fingerprint attendance system keeps the money where it belongs; in your pocket.

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