Business Time and Attendance- Employee Fingerprint Time Clock

Fingerprint Time Clock: Making Your Company Work

A fingerprint time clock makes your life easier by automating many of the time keeping tasks in your company. Unlike other systems, a fingerprint time clock doesn’t require complicated configurations or advanced hardware to use. Simply plug in the fingerprint time clock using the USB cable, scan your employees thumb print and get to work. The fingerprint time clock system does more than just track for your employee attendance. A fingerprint time clock also from MinuteHound also provides advanced functions that lets you track time and attendance safely and from anywhere.

Take Your Office Home
When you leave the office you expect employees to clock in and out as usual. However, employees often take advantage of the times when an owner leaves early. They forget to clock out or show up late knowing that the owner won’t be there to catch them. If they have a friend that is a manager or supervisor, they can clock in late or leave early with no penalty. If an employee doesn’t clock in on time or leaves early, you can get a notification by text or email while at home. This allows you to call in, find out when the employee left or arrived and pay them for only the time they worked. Most importantly, you aren’t going to lose time trying to learn how to use the system. The system is completely plug and play compatible and requires no additional training or guidance for your managers to learn how to use it.

Reducing Paperwork and Green Initiatives
RFID Attendance System is Fingerprint TechnologyCompanies are becoming more aware that going green is an essential part of doing business. Luckily, going green is also very affordable and can even improve your company’s bottom line. One way to reduce paperwork and stop filling landfills with RFID badges and cards is to use a fingerprint time clock. The fingerprint time clock allows your employee to clock in with nothing more than their thumb print. Once they clock in, the data gets sent using a 128-bit encrypted connection to a server. Owners and managers with access can then log in and view the attendance for the desired period and take care of payroll without having to print attendance sheets or view paper-based time logs. A fingerprint time clock helps your company save paper and reduce waste.

Fingerprint Time Clock: Advanced Features

A fingerprint time clock from MinuteHound also comes with advanced features not available from other companies. You can set up multiple companies to track individual departments, employee attendance at meetings, and other special occasions. The system typically only costs a few pennies per day to run and it can save you money in the long run by helping you keep accurate time and attendance records.

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