Business Time Clock For Both Employees and Employers

How Does the Time Clock Work?

MinuteHound’s time clock works in any environment and workspace. The scanner easily plugs into a PC or Windows based tablet and employees place their finger down. This then verifies them and records their time. Friends cannot do it for them and all fraud is stopped. The time clock is very small and can be extended over 50ft away if need be. Employees love it as it is so easy and simple, but best of all, it is because their paychecks are always right! No bad handwriting or bad accounting. MinuteHound provides crystal clear detailed reports for every employee.

Employers love it as it keeps everyone honest and they will never overpay anyone. They do not have to worry about fraud or stealing time. The payroll costs go down and accuracy takes over. MinuteHound’s time clock is a dream come true for most work forces. A simple scanner can be placed anywhere and be used by all. Making sure the employee verifies themselves first before recording their exact time leads to an honest workforce even when the boss is not present.

The Time Clock That Never Stops Working

MinuteHound’s time clock is like having a manager on duty 24/7. Don’t worry about medical coverage or breaks, as this time clock never stops ticking! The time clock is so advanced it can send out text messages and/or emails to anyone you choose. These alerts can notify you if someone does not show up to work, tries to leave early or gets there late. Instantly you will be notified in order not to be caught off guard.

In addition to alerts you can setup jobs. So say you have an employee that works multiple jobs per site, or someone with different pay rates that can be done with MinuteHound also. This time clock does it all! You can create custom reports and also re-arrange columns to present data the way you want and need it. Can create as many as you need so if you have hourly and salary employees, can create reports for each.

Why MinuteHound?

Trust in the company that was designed by business specifically for business owners. Company has been around for many years with clients located just about everywhere! Customer server is always available and is based in the United States. Help is always an email or phone call away. Have no fear when using MinuteHound as each scanner is guaranteed! There is no long term obligations needed either. Pay month-to-month and cancel whenever you want too. You are never locked into anything.

Try it out today and upgrade your business with the best time and attendance system available!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time Clock.

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