Whats Better For Business Than A Time Clock?

Importance of a Time Clock

Each and every business can benefit from implementing a time clock. Employees need a method to record their time worked in order to paid. Employers on the other hand need all of that time recorded and documented. Local, state, and federal laws need to be followed and a business must maintain accurate records. Using a time clock assists in these tasks. A pen and paper system does not account for dishonesty or fraud. Using a tried and true system like MinuteHound will not only keep records, but also prevent behavior that costs a business money.

Using a time clock that first verifies, then records time is instrumental. This way friends cannot cover for each other and extended breaks do not go unaccounted for. The only way someone can record their hours is by being physically present to do so. The MinuteHound time clock uses biometric technology in order to stop fraud.

How Does a Time Clock Work?

MinuteHound’s time clock works very easily in any business environment. Simply order the scanner, plug it into the PC, then download the software. After you enroll employees, they simply walk up and place their finger down to record their time. Fast, simple, and foolproof! Employees cannot steal time and employers do not even have to be there to keep them honest. MinuteHound does all the work. Even if they tried to change the time it would not work, as the scanner gets locked to the PC during installation.

Using MinuteHound means not only does fraud get wiped out, but it also means crystal clear reports for your company. Just login from anywhere as it is completely cloud based. Can edit and download any report you want. You can also change or modify any report to fit any format. Less work means more time for you to focus on your business.

What Else Can the Time Clock Do?

The time clock itself is a small device. Not bigger than a computer mouse and easily plugs into any USB slot. All the device will do is scan, nothing else. It is why each time clock is guaranteed for life! They never fail and always reliable. As soon as an employee clocks in though, this time transfers to the cloud. A manager can login from anywhere in the world and in real-time check employee hours. There is a host of features online such as email alerts, creating branches, and also making adjustments. Need to make a note as to why a change was made? No problem! MinuteHound allows to easily add a reason such as “PTO” or “Holiday”. This way you can check your reports and remember why a change was made.

MinuteHound can help your business succeed with quality technology and services. The software never gets outdated, as all updates are free. Support is also included. Do not wait another minute, get started today!

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