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You know who controls the future? The ones taking charge today! No idea who said that but it has been said, and it is true. You cannot expect tomorrow to be any different today unless you make a change. For business owners, this is all so true. If employees have an opportunity to cheat, steal time and commit fraud, they will. Not only today but tomorrow as well if they can get away with it. The average employee steals 54 minutes every 8 hour shift! That is a ton of time they get paid for but don’t actually work for. The honor system simply leads to alot of money wasted. MinuteHound’s time clock uses powerful technology that automatically kills time theft, buddy punching, and all fraud. Friends can no longer cover for each other and no more fudging numbers. This time clock makes them honest, whether they choose to be or not!

Why Is This Investment Worth My Time?

Investing in yourself and your business is never a bad idea! It is like every personal trainer will tell you, “can never spend too much on your own well being”. Luckily with MinuteHound, you don’t have to spend much! It is only $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Yes, after hearing the prices most people wonder why they have not been using this for the past year. It will literally save you so much time and money. Just plug in the time clock and let your employees place their fingers down. It will first verify them, then start recording. So no one else can do it for them. No cheating allowed! Every business owner loves the time clock as it acts like a manager on duty the entire shift.

Try the Time Clock Out Today

No Risk No Reward! Well in this case you actually get both! MinuteHound offers a money back guarantee plus no long term commitments. You go month-to-month with MinuteHound. You never have to worry about anything as you can cancel anytime. So it is actually all reward, no risk! Just the way most business owners prefer. Try it out and if you don’t love it and it provides a valuable service to you, just send the time clock back and cancel. Not much easier than that! The future is now, act today!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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