Can A Time Clock Reduce My Payroll Expenses?

Yes! In general, the biggest pain when conducting payroll is the time it takes to make sure all the numbers are accurate, let alone the price you pay to actually process payroll. Payroll expenses can add up depending on the service you use, number of employees, etc. MinuteHound takes care of all the groundwork for you so that when it comes time to process payroll, your reports are ready! No more adding or subtracting hours. MinuteHound reduces payroll expenses by providing the most accurate and precise time and attendance reports. Also, saving on employees not covering for each other and not stealing time is a win win!

Payroll expenses are not costs you can avoid. Even with a small staff, every business is required to keep detailed and accurate records for local, state, and federal tax reasons. Unless you have a CPA in the family, more than likely you have to hire and pay for these services! MinuteHound knows the pain and burden of these payroll expenses and also the pain of accurately recording every minute an employee works. Trying to guess or simply relying on them to be honest is not an option. Even the best, most trusted employees will never short-change themselves. MinuteHound reduces payroll expenses by making sure only actual time works is what is recorded.

Reduce Payroll Expenses Through Technology
MinuteHound only uses biometric technology. Employees have to walk up, place their finger on the scanner, and verify their time and attendance. Friends cannot cover and no more fudging numbers. Bloated and inaccurate time can cause nightmares. Payroll expenses can blow up out of projection fast. Start using MinuteHound technology in order to start saving time and money today!

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