Time Tracking Mac Software Improves Payroll Accuracy And Cuts Costs

The How’s and Why’s of Time Tracking Mac Software

When it comes to running a successful business, it all hinges on proper time tracking. Technology has changed the game for business owners. That old time card, sheet, badge, or ID and password your currently using is obsolete. Fingerprint recognition is the surefire way to save money, and cut costs. Most business owners that use a Mac often times find themselves limited when it comes to business tools and software. That was then. This is now! MinuteHound has created time tracking Mac software for any size business. The time tracking Mac system stops time theft, employee abuse, and even cures human error!

The time tracking Mac software that MinuteHound uses is unique because it can be installed on any computer. The employee punch-in and punch-out times are logged with a high-tech fingerprint scanner. Once the print is scanned the time tracking Mac software goes to work, logging and storing time data. This data is then transmitted offsite to remote servers. However the fingerprint image itself is never stored. The time tracking Mac software breaks down the fingerprint into numbers. This is just another level of protection for all users. The identity of employees’ are never at risk. You as a business owner, are no longer at risk for time theft. Time Tracking Mac software is safe, secure, and the most accurate system on the market.

Time Tracking Mac Edition Keeps You Informed

The true benefit of the MinuteHound time tracking Mac software lies with its data analysis tools. Every piece of time information the program stores can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Owners and designated managers away on business can log on via the MinuteHound web portal and view who is on, who came off, which department, etc. This eliminates employee overpunches, unapproved overtime and timecard discrepancies that can cost companies time and money to fix. The time tracking Mac system is also accessible from any mobile device. iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, or workstation. All you need is an internet connection to access your live reports.

Time Tracking Mac Software From MinuteHoundTime tracking Mac edition also cures human error. You can setup your system to send you e-mails and/or text messages if any of your employees don’t meet the desired times you setup. If your employee is late or leaves early you will be notified. This solves the problem of your employees’ who “forget” to clock in or out. Now your time tracking Mac software acts as your personal HR assistant! You will always be in the loop. Never get caught off guard with the alert system and live reporting.

Time Tracking Mac Software and Support

MinuteHound is the industry’s most unique and helpful time tracking Mac software. It allows for remote access, cheap and easy setup and powerful tools that can save a business countless dollars. No contracts to sign, ever. There is no fine print. MinuteHound’s time tracking Mac software is a true and proven solution for all Mac users. All the features of time tracking Mac work from any machine, however the actual clocking in and out needs a Windows based system. For most Mac users this is not an issue. However if you need help setting up just pick up a phone. MinuteHound offers round the clock customer service and support.

Time tracking Mac software also comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If for whatever your not satisfied, you can return your scanner for a full refund. MinuteHound has video’s and tutorials to help you get started and use the time tracking Mac software to it’s full advantage. You can always ask questions to the support team at any time as well. Mac users are smart and dedicated. MinuteHound is with you. Upgrade your business with time tracking Mac software, you will be glad you did.

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