Can Employees Be Held Accountable For Stealing Time?

How You Can Stop Employees From Stealing Time

Employees have a habit of ensuring their paychecks are never short. Even if they take a longer break, don’t show up on time, or have to leave early they always manage to get a full paycheck. This is stealing time! It is very easy for them to do, and now, it is very easy for you to stop! MinuteHound has created technology that will put time theft to an end. Stealing time is a bad practice among friends at work. They cover for each other or simply pad their hours. This is the reason why MinuteHound was created. Each and every business, regardless of size, will be able to utilize this technology to their benefit.

After you order the fingerprint scanner from MinuteHound, it will be impossible for friends at work to clock in and out for one another. Stealing time will be a habit they have no other choice but to break. Every minute counts. This system holds employees accountable for their actions. Show up on time and not leaving early is not negotiable. Employees will now have to verify their attendance before they begin to record their time.

Put The Savings Into Your Pocket Once MinuteHound is installed and setup at your business, the money will be going to where it is supposed to be, in your pockets! No more wasted money means more money to save and invest. Raise the bar into the green. Most organizations have labor related costs higher than any other expense. Now with MinuteHound, you can ensure you will never over or under pay any employee. They will only be able to get paid for the hours they worked compared to the hours they report they work. Even if the manager takes a day off, MinuteHound never does! With this technology everything is in place and automatically stops payroll fraud and time theft.

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MinuteHound Stops Employees From Stealing Time

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