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Buddy Punching Begone through Biometrics
One of the biggest drawbacks to the punching-in system is the potential for workers to sign in one another when one of them hasn’t actually arrived on time. MinuteHound has made a point to eliminate this troublesome time and attendance affair by using biometric fingerprint technology in MinuteHound.

No More Time Theft
Simply put, MinuteHound is the ultimate anti-time theft solution. There are only so many ways to completely account for time and attendance through manual effort, but with Minutehound in your corner, you’ve got the ability to guarantee that no time or attendance is illicitly logged.

Cloud-Based Convenience
There must always be a reliable backup system in place to ensure that multiple reporting avenues are consistently accessible. Because MinuteHound uses cloud technology, the time and attendance solution facilitates live reporting to all internet-connected points with no point of failure.

In order to make sure that important time and attendance matters are communicated right away, MinuteHound is designed to ensure that every employee’s activities are kept up to date with through notifications. With MinuteHound in place, you can count on consistent awareness of your employees’ late comings and early goings.

Economic Efficiency
Though certain time and attendance solutions can be somewhat expensive to consistently operate, MinuteHound has been made to ensure that efficiency can be delivered in an economic manner for the owner. MinuteHound operates completely independently of all inventory and time cards, keeping the overall cost of maintenance and upkeep in the single-digit cents range.

128-bit encryption
There’s been 128-bit encryption implemented into MinuteHound to control for the risks of any and all chances of compromise. Through the application of 128-bit encryption, one of the most well-fortified forms of encryption algorithmic processes in the world, you can count on your solution being virtually invincible.

MinuteHound Technology is Plug and PlayThere are many applications in MinuteHound’s class that are slow to master and implement because their technological sophistication is correlated with their learning curve steepness. MinuteHound has been made to maintain a lower learning curve without having to compromise on the quality of its operational processes.

MinuteHound makes a point to have thorough support services available in any and all ways that they may need it. MinuteHound support staff is consistently available around the clock to ensure that you’ve always got access to the kind of help that you can depend on to resolve any misunderstandings, errors or queries.

Zero Obligation Necessary
MinuteHound is a time and attendance solution that doesn’t demand you necessary acceptance of any risk that it may not work as intended. MinuteHound’s power to support your time and attendance needs are offered risk-free. No obligations and no commitments needed. Try it today!

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