How Do I Stop Employees From Padding Hours? End Time Theft

Preventing Employees From Taking Advantage Of Your Company

Employees will sometimes do whatever it takes to fatten up their paychecks. They may even take some unethical steps to steal time away from the company. Doing this is known as time theft, and it is a very common practice. Time theft can even be defined as something like an employee riding the clock for even a few extra minutes. Sometimes employees will just burn a few extra minutes at the end of the shift doing a lot of nothing just to earn some extra time on their paycheck.

MinuteHound is a company that provides some of the very best time clock software on the market. They produce something known as a biometric fingerprint time clock. This product helps to eliminate time theft from a company quickly. The reason for this being because a company owner who puts in a MinuteHound clock has a much more accurate representation of who is working and who is not at any given point in time.

Time Theft is Curable Right Now!

An employer who uses MinuteHound products has their employees clock in via a fingerprint method. This of course means that the person who clocks in has to be the person they claim to be. A lot of time theft is the result of one employee clocking in for another one just to do them a favor. With MinuteHound this is not possible since each fingerprint is unique.

The business owner interested in eliminating time theft must look for MinuteHound products to help them out. They are easy to install and make it possible to monitor who is on the clock at any given time. Many employers use this not just as a way of eliminating time theft but also as a way of allocating the proper employees to the proper roles at any given time. A lot of times there are people who are not exactly in the right spot for maximum impact.

Stop Time Theft. Begin Saving Money

Time theft is something that can be addressed immediately after getting the clock provided by MinuteHound. Employees knowing that they are being tracked like this helps to bring about levels of accountability that were not present in the past. Improvements to productivity are a good enough reason to use the fingerprint clock.

There are no risks or obligations to getting the MinuteHound system. Thus, there is every reason in the world to give this system a try. Bring about a new climate of accountability and eliminate time theft all at the same time.

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