Can My Employees Steal Time?

Employees Can Easily Steal Time. However, You Can Stop Them In Their Tracks

For most businesses, time theft accounts for thousands of dollars of loss. If you’re a business owner or manager, it is important to consider whether you’ve created an environment where your employees can steal time.

Why is time theft common?
Time theft is common because most time and attendance systems do nothing to stop it. If an employee wants to steal time, then all they need is a coworker that’s willing to punch in for them. Whether you’re using traditional time cards or a computerized system that requires a username and passcode to clock in, time theft is easy.

It is easy for your employees to steal time and often seems harmless. When a worker receives a buddy punch request from a colleague running a few minutes behind, it is hard to turn down. Deciding to buddy punch instead of creating a hostile work environment often seems like the right decision. Unfortunately, these favors for friends add up quick and time theft accounts for 2-8% of payroll on average.

Can your employees steal time? OF Course!

Unless you have a time and attendance system designed to prevent time theft, the answer is yes. As previously mentioned, most traditional methods and modern time and attendance methods do little to prevent time theft. The use of Swipe cards, punch cards, log sheets, and passwords create an environment where it is easy to steal time. If you want to prevent time theft, you have to make a deliberate attempt to.

How most try to stop time theft
Most people attempt to stop time theft with oversight. That is a big mistake. Wasting time to ensure that employees are clocking in on time is just that, a waste. Worse yet, employees feel untrusted in workplaces with heavy oversight. While keeping an eye on every employee can reduce time theft, it is not an ideal solution.

Employees Can No Longer Steal TimeIf you want to stop time theft, then get a biometric time clock. Biometric time clocks are usually fingerprint or facial scanners that ensure that the person punching in is who they say they are. Biometric time and attendance technology makes it impossible to steal time, but is it affordable?

Use Technology To Stop Staff From Stealing Time

It is common for biometric time and attendance systems to be overpriced, but there is an affordable option. MinuteHound! MinuteHound is a low-priced time and attendance solution that uses fingerprint technology to prevent time theft. If you want to make it impossible for employees to steal time, get MinuteHound!

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