Time Clock Technology Prevents Fraud and Buddy Punching

Time Clock Technology in 2018

Business time clock technology has come along way. It helps on multiple fronts. Fraud and buddy punching are likely costing your business thousands of dollars. Business owners and managers try all sorts of things to stop time theft, but effective time clock technology is the only sure bet. Time theft occurs because businesses are not ready to prevent it. Meaning, they have ineffective time clock technology.

Old school methods of time and attendance fail to prevent theft that on average amounts to 2-8% of payroll. Worse yet, many business owners do not even know they are victims of time theft. Employees who engage in time theft often don’t even view themselves as stealing. When someone works an in an environment where buddy punching is easy, they usually don’t see it as theft.

What Does Time Theft Look Like?

Time theft has two primary forms: fraud and buddy punching. Fraud is when an employee falsifies attendance records to make it look like they worked more than they did. Buddy punching is when one employee clocks in for another. Buddy punching is the more common form of time theft. The allure of clocking in for a co-worker running a few minutes late is often hard to pass up. Especially considering that failing to buddy punch can create a hostile work environment.

Stopping time theft is as simple as installing the right time clock technology. Outdated methods of time and attendance can’t prevent time theft. The best way to avoid time theft is through the use of a biometric time clock.

What Is A Biometric Time Clock?

fingerprint attendance system, learn the secrets
Biometric time clocks are rapidly growing type of time clock technology. Biometric time clocks use unique biological markers to clock employees in and out. The most common form of biometric time clock technology is fingerprint-based. Fingerprint time clocks require employees to place their finger on a scanner to clock in.

Finding cost-effective biometric time clock technology is tough. However, there is an obvious choice. MinuteHound is a time and attendance solution that uses fingerprint time clock technology to keep money in your pocket. MinuteHound is low-priced and offers fantastic features like live-reporting, late arrival notifications, and unparalleled customer support. If you’re looking to stop time theft with cutting-edge time clock technology, get MinuteHound!

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