MinuteHound: The New Age in Clock in and Out Software

What is MinuteHound Clock in and Out Software

For companies who have been looking for an easier, more effective way to clock their employees in and out without the need for paper time cards: MinuteHound has the perfect solution! Our clock in and out software is an advanced technology, that incorporates a fingerprint scanner which makes it the most accurate clock in and out software on the market today. There is no need for additional computers or equipment. The specialized biometric fingerprint scanner is plugged-in directly to your existing computer. The clock in and out software runs in the background.

Clock In And Out Software: Plug and Play Technology

MinuteHound clock in and out software uses biometric technology to scan the fingerprint of the employee as they come to and from work. This ensures that the employees are honest by eliminating the opportunity for employees to “buddy punch” each other. This software is simple to use and extremely effective. There is no required training to get to know this software, it is completely plug and play and virtually self-explanatory.

Clock in and out Software: How Data is Stored

Secure Your Information in the Cloud!All of the information that has to do with the hours worked by the employees is stored securely on the cloud. With the information stored in the virtual server, employers can access the virtual time sheets of any of their employees at any time. They can even see in real time if their employees are at work currently, if they arrived late or if they left early. Employers can even have the system send them an email or text message if the employee is late or leaves early! You as an employer are consistently updated as to your employee’s timeliness.

Since MinuteHound uses biometric technology with fingerprint analysis, there is no need for any more paper time sheets, ensuring that the company follows through with their green capabilities and standards of doing business. MinuteHound clock in and out software is the most advanced time keeping software on the market which will eliminate time theft and increase productivity. It is time to promote accurate pay for accurate work. Change the culture in your workplace. Make the new age of technology work for you! Make the switch today!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Clock In And Out Software: Clocks in the Savings! Clocks out Fraud!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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