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Need to Cut Expenses? Clock in and Out Software Does It for You

When you hire someone you check their references, experience, and character. When you put a piece of equipment to work for you, you check its performance, operating cost, and how user friendly it is. You also check out its flaws. If you put the old time card punching system to this test, it would fail miserably.

Punching in is the first piece of equipment your employees will use in their work day. Does your system set a good standard or let fraud get a head start? A time card can be punched by anyone. Is a friend running late? Punch him in, no one will know! Want to run some errands during lunch? A chum can punch you in so you don’t lose paid time. Forget to punch one day? Write it in and put what time you should have been there. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Stop Time Theft with MinuteHoundThis exact practice is so widespread it has a name: Buddy Punching. And it costs you as an employer 5% of your entire payroll. Now, tell MinuteHound this: Do you like losing that amount of money, or would you rather have those funds to invest back in your business? We know the answer. That’s why we’re here and why you’re reading this article.

What Clock in and out Software Can Do For You

By retiring your old time punch machine and hiring MinuteHound clock in and out software to work for you, you get rid of faulted time keeping, time cards, the staff to take care of it, and the cataloging and storing of those cards. MinuteHound’s clock in and out software is paperless, cloud-based, and works with any payroll system. It’s very simple and extremely cost-effective. You’ll see a reduction in payroll costs by at least 2%—and that’s above the 5% we mentioned earlier.

Fingerprint Technology From MinuteHoundThis is how it works, and you don’t have to take notes: Your employee walks in the door, touches a fingertip to a scanner pad, and starts working. That’s it. Their fingerprint is biometrically saved and encrypted, making it impossible for any kind of identity theft, and impossible for Buddy Punching. By just touching the screen, that employee is logged in by date and time. It takes a second. No lost or damaged cards, no inventory to keep! Want to know if a certain employee is late again? You can get a text or email saying so!

Large or small, MinuteHound Clock In and Out Software Does it All

MinuteHound Clock In and Out Software helps steer you toward cutting expenses, which means profits. We said it was paperless and it’s also staffless, meaning it takes 0 employees to run it. It’s fully automated and is backed by a 100% guarantee. Customer service is available 24/7 by your choice of email, phone, or web. It is the future. The time card system is the past, and for many good reasons.

No matter the size of your staff, what you produce, or the size of your facility, clock in and out software by MinuteHound can take it on. Imagine no more worries about time fraud. Imagine always knowing who is working and when they got there. Imagine never having to worry if your payroll staff is honest or well trained. Imagine never having to think about time cards, punching machines, storage boxes, tabulating hours worked, and if your information got lost. Imagine saving a big chunk of your expenses. Imagine not having to dream about such things! It’s that easy! Just get MinuteHound Clock in and out software!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Clock In And Out Software: Clocks in the Savings! Clocks out Fraud!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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