Theft Of Time: Diary Of A Thief- Every Employer’s Nightmare

How The Theft Of Time Costs You

Everyone has seen a show where a reformed criminal tells how he got away with so much and how you can prevent his type of crime from happening to you. Consider this an article to be the same thing, except I’m not reformed. If you’re a business owner, you’ll want to read this and pay attention. I’m going to talk about one of your biggest expenses, and that’s the theft of time. Payroll can cripple a business. It doesn’t matter if you have staff on salary or paid hourly, payroll is a huge portion of your outgoing money. Every day people like me are ripping you off. Every day, every shift, the theft of time is happening right under your nose and costing you and other American businesses BILLIONS of dollars a year. That’s big bucks you could be keeping, but you’re allowing employees like me to have it instead because of the obsolete time clock you use.

The time clock in my workplace is supposed to be “advanced”. It’s one where we punch in on the computer. We have to log in, sign in with a password, then click on a little button that says we’re punching in or out. Does the computer know it’s me? Of course not. It only recognizes the keywords put in. The perfect example of theft of time is as follows. When I’m running late, a coworker punches me in. When my friend is late, I do it in return.

Last month my friend just didn’t want to come to work. The boss was out, the manager was out, so I punched my friend in. For the entire day. My buddy is going to do it for me next month when the situation is right again. We’ve got it all worked out. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We do it to get overtime, too. And we’re not the only ones. We didn’t invent the theft of time, but times are tough. Kids get sick. Things happen to make you run late. Things happen when you have to go home early. Or maybe you want to make a coffee run. I like my boss, don’t get me wrong, but I need my paycheck to be good. I’m going to take care of myself and my family, and it’s my boss’s fault if he has a system that can be beaten so easily!

Theft Of Time: Fingerprint Recognition Cannot Be Beat

The Theft Of Time Is Ended By Using Fingerprint RecognitionThe only way you can make people like me honest is by NOT using a system that only recognizes passwords. Also time cards, sheets, or badges are simple to beat. Theft of time artists like me love those systems! The only way you can stop me, and countless employees like me, is to use a fingerprint recognition system. The theft of time is easy without technology. The minute a company installs an updated system that does not require a sign in, only a fingerprint, the theft of time for me is over. It simply cannot be beat.

I know how they work. Staff walks in the door and touches a fingertip to a scanner pad. That’s it. I can’t steal anymore because I’m the only one with my fingerprints. My identity can’t be stolen because the fingerprint is encrypted, so I can’t put up that argument. Companies like MinuteHound have an alert system that ends human error, so I can’t say I forgot to clock in or out, either. This clocking in and out program is the one you need if you don’t want to give away free money when paychecks go out. Take it from a pro, the theft of time comes to an abrupt end when MinuteHound is on the scene.

Theft Of Time Is Over With MinuteHound And The Support They Provide

The MinuteHound biometric system is the best out there. It’s cloud-based so you don’t have to buy more memory, and it can’t be corrupted. It’s plug in and play, Green, and works with your current payroll program. No training is required. No staff is required. Ending the theft of time has never been easier. You use the computer you already have. You get alerts who is late, leaving early, or absent. You can go online and see–from anywhere in the world–who is in, when they got there, and when they left.

Stop The Theft of Time With MinuteHoundCustomer service is 24/7 and get this, you have a money back guarantee for as long as you use it. It’s risk free. I can’t even use this for an argument for my boss not to get it because if he doesn’t like it, he gets to return the scanner for his money back! And speaking of pennies, it only costs pennies a day to use it. If he does upgrade to MinuteHound, it will end up paying for itself the first month because people like me will stopped cold. There’s no way to get around it. The theft of time is not only over, it is dead! Technology is great for employers, but not for thieves!

Fingerprint recognition systems like this are used on military bases, law enforcement offices, and countless other companies. Why? Because it works, that’s why. Because MinuteHound’s time clock software works harder for you than I do. It’s up to you, business owner. The theft of time is a good business to be in for an employee. There is only one surefire to end it. Get MinuteHound, or let me keep padding my paycheck. I’m living pretty good, how about you?

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