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Important Factors To Consider While Shopping ForClocking In Machines

Clocking in machines are any device an employee will use to record their time worked. Whenever they arrive or leave, or take breaks, typically the employee will use clocking in machines to record this time. Now, clocking in machines come in many models. They can be punch clocks, where employees simply insert their time card to have it punched. There is badge systems where employees simply swipe their badges to log in and out. One of the most popular clocking in machines are those that require pin numbers or passwords. They claim to be inexpensive and easy to use. However if you ask anyone that uses them, they will tell you a different story. In addition, clocking in machines do not protect employers. Technology dominates, and most clocking in machines are outdated and not the right fit for any business.

If you were to Google clocking in machines, there would be more results than you could possibly look at. Also, there would be so many distributors it would make your head spin. They all promise clocking in machines at a great price or some sort of “new” wireless device that will perform whatever job you want it to perform. However, just keep in mind your a buying product like you would from any store. It has a shelf life. They will expire. The warranty it comes with does you no good, unless of course you want to purchase an extended one. There is either limited or no support at all if you ever need it. Most clocking in machines need to be installed and not only take up space, but also might need you to hire someone to install it.

Clocking in machines also more than likely require some sort of additional equipment. Whether it be time cards, badges, or just cords. Even the updated ones will require additional software to be installed in order for it to work. Then, you already know you will have to pay for updates or a new version. Now let’s talk common sense. Clocking in machines are mounted to a wall or sit on a shelf. If that machine were to ever be stolen, so is all the information stored in it. So now, not only are you out the money you spent to be begin with, all that information lost can have huge effects in itself. You can’t afford that. Your employees don’t want their information stolen. Clocking in machines do not protect business owners or employees.

Clocking In Machines Are Simply Not Worth The Investment

Clocking In Machines Are A Waste Of MoneyIf you were to buy one of the clocking in machines you see online, chances are free shipping is not included. Most are large machines, but even if they are not will still cost a pretty good amount to ship it to you. Some of the more expensive models have a web based or wireless option to let you upload reports to the internet. Although these are definite improvements, is it really worth the investment? Most electronic time recorders of any kind costs hundreds if not thousands to purchase. If you have more than one location, keep adding. Clocking in machines simply do not provide solutions to everyday business problems and tasks.

So let’s say you do have money to buy multiple clocking in machines. You even have enough to buy the high end models. The clocking in machines you bought were shipped and now you have the pleasure to set them up. You might need to read the manual or ask for help. If not, your employees will. Why? Believe it or not, employees are not always honest! Time theft is not only real, it costs American businesses $148 billion every year. That is a lot of money lost to payroll abuse. Clocking in machines do not provide protection against dishonest employees. Also, they sure don’t cover honest human error either. All of which, plague every single business under the sun.

So now you have a pretty good idea on why NOT to buy any of those clocking in machines you see online or in stores. Don’t be fooled by a one time purchase fix it all solution. They do not exist. Clocking in machines, even the best models, will always require an upgrade. This is not cost effective. This is not time spent wisely. However, enough about the problems with clocking in machines. Let’s talk about the solution!

Clocking In Machines Have Problems. What Is The Solution?

MinuteHound Is Your Solution. We Support You Every Step Of The WayNow there is a solution that was designed and engineered by business owners, for business owners. All of the above problems you just read about, do not exist with MinuteHound. Clocking in machines are not a problem, for you will never get one with MinuteHound. Instead, after setting up an account, a biometric fingerprint time clock will be mailed to you. Free shipping included. Clocking in and out for employees are now nothing more than a swipe of a finger. No upfront investment. Not only is accuracy guaranteed, so are the savings. Clocking in machines allow fraud. MinuteHound does not. No cheating and no padding paychecks. Service and support included, all at $1.00 per employee per month.

Unlike any of the clocking in machines you will find, MinuteHound includes anytime anywhere access. This means, you have instant access to live reporting at any time you want from any place. The golf course or from home, your in control. Overtime and tardiness are red flags, and you will be notified instantly. Clocking in machines do not provide any type of alert system. It is a built in feature with MinuteHound. Fingerprints are never stored. Clocking in machines capture the actual fingerprint of your employee and present privacy issues. Instead, MinuteHound stores numbers and names on separate secure servers in order to provide peace of mind for all users.

There is no better option on the market than MinuteHound. Small and large businesses thrive off of this technology. Now it is your turn. For just pennies a day, your business can increase savings, and reduce costs. Clocking in machines are not the answer, not now and not long term. MinuteHound provides round the clock support, lifetime updates, and backs their scanner with a 100% money back guarantee. Upgrade to MinuteHound. Upgrade your business.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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