Timekeeping Software Allows You To Plan, Modify, and Automate Payroll

Timekeeping Software Uses Biometric Technology

Say goodbye to expensive time clocks and outdated punch cards. It is time to bring your payroll systems into the 21st century with timekeeping software from MinuteHound. Employees clock in and out each day by scanning their fingerprint using state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint scanners. Once the employee’s fingerprint is scanned, the information is immediately uploaded into a cloud data storage network. This enables employee comings and goings to be monitored in real time from anywhere. Live reporting make employee tracking easy. Timekeeping software is your best bet to save money while at the same time make a dramatic change to your workplace.

The super simple and effective timekeeping software saves your company money by eliminating the possibility of phantom time card punches by coworkers for absent and late employees. It increases productivity by getting employees to work a full shift, rather than trimming off 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there. Timekeeping software allows companies to save valuable minutes that are just as important as dollars and cents. The healthy functioning of a growing business cannot happen by overpaying and having incorrect payroll. MinuteHound can even send messages by text or e-mail to managers letting them know about employees who arrive too late or leave too early.

Timekeeping software works on any computer you currently use. There is no additional equipment to purchase. The entire system is cloud based. This means the timekeeping software runs in the background, and sends all information to offsite servers. You do not need to dedicate a machine to run timeclock software. Since it is cloud based, it means the information is available to you anywhere, at anytime. It will alert you if your employees ever “forget” to clock in or out. This system is foolproof and flawless. Mistakes are gone. Data loss is also impossible. You save time and money in so many ways.

Security And Peace Of Mind With Advanced Timekeeping Software

Also keep in mind all your employee records are clicks away. They will never have access to the system unless you designate them as a manager. The timekeeping software will record and store information live. If your employees ever dispute their time worked at any point, you can simply log in and check date ranges. You will view start/end times, departments, etc. This system will always be accurate, so you never have to worry about discrepancies. No more digging through boxes. File cabinets are no longer needed. All your records are now at your fingertips.

Timekeeping Software Used 128-Bit EncryptionOne of the best features of the MinuteHound fingerprint time clock is its security. Timekeeping software uses 128-bit encryption, and MinuteHound does not store employee fingerprint and personal information. Privacy of information is present from start to finish. No images are ever kept on file. You can guarantee your employees that their data is always kept private. Timekeeping software is more secure than just about any other system out there, for no information is ever kept at their workplace. No one can simply walk in and tamper with it. Peace of mind on all levels.

Timekeeping Software Supports You Every Step Of The Way

In addition to top notch security, timekeeping software offers your organization customer support whenever you need it. There are no long term contracts to sign. Timekeeping software is also risk free. There is a lifetime money back guarantee on the scanner. There are no worthless warranties. No fine print to worry about. Just a tried, tested, and proven product. Gone are the days of counting up time cards. No more double checking to make sure the numbers are right. Timekeeping software does all that for you. You need to focus on your business, and with this system you will have more time to do just that. Timekeeping software puts time back on the clock, and money in your pocket. Reduce costs, increase savings.

Stop relying on outdated time clock systems to manage your company’s payroll. Timekeeping software takes as little as ten minutes to set up. There is no training, and it is easy to understand. Timekeeping software eliminates the need to constantly reorder time clock supplies. There is no learning curve for you or your employees to overcome. No downtime to worry about. This will completely upgrade your business, never the opposite. Lifetime updates are also included. Welcome to the world where your product never expires! Increase your organization’s efficiency with timekeeping software. At $1.00 per employee, you will instantly save money.

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