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Whenever your employees clock in and out of work using the outdated time card system, there’s the potential for stolen time. Because anyone can clock in and out of work without real identification taking place, the system has a lot of potential for being abused. In fact, time theft will occur in the workplace at least on some level because of the ease for unscrupulous employees. With the fingerprint clock from MinuteHound, buddy punching becomes a problem of the past!

Because no one in the world has the same fingerprint, the fingerprint clock becomes a foolproof solution that cannot be replicated. When you have a coworker logging into or out of work, you know that the person is who they say they are. Another reason that you should consider the fingerprint clock technology from MinuteHound is because it eliminates the need for paper. When you use the obsolete time card system, you own paper that will be kept unsecured in most environments. Not only does that become a security risk, losing essential payroll information becomes a liability. With the fingerprint clock, everything takes place using the cloud.

How much time do you spend calculating employee payroll at the end of each pay period? If you are like most business owners, you hate doing this activity because it takes away from the essential aspects of your business. Using MinuteHound’s fingerprint clock, the payroll gets calculated automatically so that you can focus on the core elements of your business. Do away with time cards! You don’t have to keep inventory, and MinuteHound’s system normally costs a few pennies per day.

Fingerprint ClockSome business owners worry that using the fingerprint clock from MinuteHound will be a security risk. Because the company uses 128-bit encryption when transferring data, there’s no more worries about the risk of the information falling into dangerous hands. Also, MinuteHound does not keep the information of employees on file. Instead, when the fingerprint clock reads the information of an employee’s fingerprint, the advanced technology converts that information into binary code that then gets sent over to the cloud. The technology is so advanced that whenever an employee clocks in or out of work, you can opt in to receive text messages or emails. It keeps you informed, and you can stop a problem before it becomes expensive.

Sometimes when you have advanced technology like this, business owners worry that there will be a long and arduous learning process. The advantage of MinuteHound’s fingerprint clock is how there are no learning curves, and you do not have to worry about guidance. The company designed their software so that it is as simple as plugging it in and starting. You can try it risk free, and there are no obligations to continue using it.

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