Why Fingerprint Time and Attendance Matters

Fingerprint Time and Attendance for Small Business

Fortune 500 companies have costs outlined and budgets set far in advance as they have major operations to manage. Small business owners don’t need to worry about multi-million dollar projects, but they still have to manage their operations. Big companies have employees just like small business owners and the tools in which to manage are the same. Having a fingerprint time and attendance system in place controls costs, manages time and also eliminates fraud. With a time sheet, where employees just write down the times they worked is ludicrous. In this day and age, having a piece of paper to base what to pay employees is not helpful. Having a biometric fingerprint time and attendance system is all you need to lower costs and only pay staff for the exact hours they worked.

Fingerprint time and attendance systems have been around for many years, but MinuteHound has been able to perfect the system. Employees arrive to work, place their finger down, and get to work. So simple and easy and takes less time to write their name, start/end times, total hours, etc. Having technology do all the work for you is smart. Letting employees tell you their hours is not. Having a fingerprint time and attendance system is one of those rare products that actually pay for themselves. Payroll costs go down while fraud dies. Employees have to be honest. They have no other choice. They either show up to work and clock-in, or don’t get paid. That simple and buddies can no longer cover for each other.

The Many Benefits of Fingerprint Time and Attendance

In addition to the biometric aspect of a fingerprint time and attendance system, payroll is now a cinch. All numbers, overtime, and sick days tracked. Within a few clicks generate your reports and print them, export them, etc. If you have an employee who constantly shows up late, set up their schedule and have MinuteHound send you a text and/or email to alert you. You don’t even have to be on site to manage staff. Let alone setting up group modifications or creating custom reports. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time and attendance system is also supported 24/7 so if you ever run into an issue, or have a problem, just ask! Try MinuteHound today for $1.00 per employee with no risk or obligations!

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