Plug Into The Cloud And Huge Savings With Time In Time Out Software

The Almost Too-Good-To-Be-True Time In Time Out Software (But It’s Not!)

Time in time out software is now designed, developed, and available for hire! Despite all the technological progress made in recent years, employee timekeeping and payroll systems yet use seriously flawed methods of the past. Shockingly, most companies are still using old-fashioned time clocks to document employee work hours. This method is easily abused, and the abuse causes huge financial losses.

The MinuteHound employee time in time out software eliminates time theft. Fully automated and user-friendly, it also requires no training or staff to use it. Since it integrates with your current payroll program, your savings are realized the first month. This time in time out software is cloud-based, meaning data is never lost and no additional computer memory needs to be purchased. Your staff touches a fingertip to a small scanner, and their time is recorded biometrically with complete encryption of the fingerprint. As the fingerprint is never stored, identity theft is impossible. There are no contracts, no hidden catches, and it comes with a 100% guarantee for the life of the system. MinuteHound’s time in time out software can be installed in a few minutes.

Time In Time Out Software Pays For Itself

Stop Time Theft With MinuteHound“Buddy Punching” is when employees manipulate their time card or a friend’s to their advantage. This practice is so extensive, it costs American businesses billions every year. MinuteHound time in time out software stops that immediately. It cannot be corrupted, and the hours it took to once tabulate the time cards, catalog them, store them, and turn them into payroll is no longer needed. At the end of the pay period, this time in time out software sends everyone’s hours to your payroll company electronically. It’s completely Green, and is accessible from anywhere in the world via the internet. You can get alerts if employees are late or absent. Even if your staff is on salary, by having them scan in you’ll see their habits and how honest they are with the hours you are paying them for.

For pennies a day, MinuteHound’s time in time out software works as hard for your business as you do. Customer service is available 24/7. If you look at other systems out there you’ll see that MinuteHound time in time out software tops every one of them. This system is a total win for your business, large or small. Contact us with your questions. By putting MinuteHound’s time in time out software in your corner, you’ll be putting savings back into your business.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Time In Time Out Software: Stop Wasting Time! Upgrade Today and Save!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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  1. glad to know about something like this. I usually avoid tech blogs, but this one is so simple and easy to understand. thanks

  2. Great article and great presentation. Love the technology, best of luck to all of you.

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