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Cloud Time Keeping With A Biometric Scanner

MinuteHound provides an affordable and highly powerful cloud time keeping system. A biometric scanner is used to record time worked and verify attendance, while cloud computing gives the ability to view/edit information from anywhere. All companies and businesses save money and manage their time more effectively with a cloud time keeping system. In case anyone does not know what cloud computing is, think of an actual cloud in the sky. Instead of saving or storing information on a personal computer, memory drive, USB stick, or external drive, information instead is kept in the “cloud”, meaning you can access it from anywhere. There are no limitations.

A cloud time keeping system works for it’s simplicity. MinuteHound has made it so the system works for everyone. You don’t need to be a computer guru to use a cloud time keeping system. You just plug and play and manage your staff online instead of on paper. You can download reports, export and/or send wherever you would like. Even employees can log-in and view their hours worked. A cloud time keeping system will not only give you more control, but the features you want and need.

Technical Features of the Cloud Time Keeping System

Biometric attendance is how large corporations save money everyday. A system such as cloud time keeping will instantly eliminate buddy punching, time theft, and payroll fraud. In order to realize these benefits a company would need 2 items: a biometric scanner and powerful time clock software. MinuteHound offers both with the cloud time keeping solution. The scanner is shipped in the mail, and upon receipt all a company has to do is plug it in and install it. It is very easy, and takes less than 10 minutes. Enrolling employees takes about 1 minute, and from that point on staff members can record their arrival and exit times with a swipe of a finger.

Safe and Secure Cloud Technology. Cloud Time Keeping SystemThe technical features of the cloud time keeping system all provide real safety and security while at the same time providing ream time live capabilities. No images are ever kept. When someone swipes their finger, the print is not recorded. Instead, a binary number is assigned to protect identity. All data transfers happen with 128-bit encryption. The cloud time keeping system never stores any data on the computer. Everything is stored offline, in the cloud. Safe, secure, and convenient to use.

Pricing Of The Cloud Time Keeping System

Don’t break the bank, but instead add to it every month. The average company which switches to MinuteHound see’s an estimated 2300% return on their investment. The cloud time keeping system works, and already has over 150,000 daily users. Every size company can afford this technology, and it only costs $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Don’t overpay and don’t get cheated by dishonest employees. The cloud time keeping system has text/email alerts, real time statues updates, and so much more. No hidden fees. No long term obligations means you can cancel at anytime. Upgrade today and start using a cloud time keeping system in your business.

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