Complete Time Tracking: The Air Traffic Controller Of Your Business

Complete Time Tracking Keeps Employees on your Radar Screen

Complete time tracking with MinuteHound is like an air traffic controller’s display. You can track each person’s hours. It’s easy to see what the whole work picture is right now. You can use all this information to plan and direct operations as needed. Complete time tracking is surefire way to success.

Imagine that each employee finger scan is like a “blip” on a radar screen. It’s real time data with complete time tracking that shows what is happening at your workplace. You may not be avoiding collisions, but you are avoiding short staffing and over staffing. You’re keeping overtime at a minimum. Complete time tracking gives you complete control.

Complete Time Tracking: A True Time And Attendance Solution

Complete time tracking is a managers dream come true. By automating daily tasks, and letting modern technology do the heavy lifting for your, your in cruise control. Complete time tracking offers you so many tools and resources you never before had. You may also find some work habits that need attention. You’ll have the information you need to work with supervisors. You’ll uncover any attendance or production issues that might otherwise go unnoticed except in the bottom line.

Complete time tracking means you have access from anywhere, at anytime. Since MinuteHound is cloud-based, that means you can use it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a web browser available. The same complete time tracking data is available whether you’re at your desk or at the South Pole. If your employees are working at various locations, or even at temporary job sites, you can still get complete time tracking information.

Complete Time Tracking Features E-mail And Text Alerts

Complete Time Tracking Features SMS, Text, And Email AlertsMinuteHound also issues important messages similar to “collision alarms” for the air traffic controller. If an employee arrives late, leaves early, or if there are other irregularities, you can stay informed. MinuteHound’s complete time tracking will take note and send you an email or a text message so you will know while you’re on the go.

An important thing to know about MinuteHound’s complete time tracking is that state of the art technology means that you have accurate data. Keeping airplanes safe is the top priority of the air traffic controller. We know that you need complete time tracking data to keep your business flying on track.

MinuteHound gets time data from the Internet, and identifies each fingerprint through a unique and highly accurate, patented technology. The government relies on it, and so can you. When you use MinuteHound to track your work times and payroll hours, you can rely on it. You’ll quickly get used to using MinuteHound’s accurate and timely reports, and you’ll run your business better because you have them anywhere.

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