Web Based Time Management: New, Modern, And Smart Business Strategy

Using Web Based Time Management for Your Employees

Web based time management liberates you from your desktop system. All you need is a web browser. MinuteHound runs on servers located around the world, so it’s always ready when you need data. You can access web based time management by Internet with your laptop on planes, trains, and buses. From your hotel, couch, or favorite restaurant you will always have access.

Web based time management gives you complete time tracking from any internet connection in the world.

MinuteHound web based time management tools give you the power to see your operation just as it is. You see who’s working and who’s not, how many hours each employee has worked so far this week, and many more reports. You get exception alerts and remote access from any location. Web based time management allows you to receive text and email alerts notifying you if your staff shows up late or leaves early.

Web Based Time Management Is Low-Cost, Highly Effective

If your organization is large, you’ll appreciate that you don’t pay license fees for software. Your monthly fee is based on how many employees and locations you’re managing; how you manage them is up to you. You can centralize or have supervisors at each site keeping an eye on things. However, if you own a small business, web based time management works for you! Your business is unique, and MinuteHound can help.

MinuteHound uses a USB based fingerprint scanner to identify employees as they clock in and out. You can use the scanner at remote sites. Just bring a computer or laptop with the scanner and connect to the Internet. The web based time management system is available to you at remote sites, too. You can manage your employees at job sites or temporary work locations.

Web Based Time Management From Any BroswerWeb based time management means that MinuteHound gives you what you need to manage your workers. Your reports are up to the minute, showing the current workforce numbers. You can pull up summary reports that keep you on top of hours worked by each employee or departments and divisions. If you see numbers you’d like to review, you can look at more detail on the spot and find out what’s happening. Web based time management provides you the tools, filters, and functions that you need to get what you need done, without wasting valuable time.

Web Based Time Management: Business Success On All Levels

Don’t forget, MinuteHound identifies the employee clocking in by a unique fingerprint identifier, and uses time information from the Internet, so you’re looking at solid data. This isn’t a time card summary or time clock records that may or may not have “buddy punch” errors that show more time than was really worked. Web based time management means that your using modern technology to completely track every second that your staff works. Accurate reporting means reduce costs on payroll, and an increase in your savings.

MinuteHound web based time management system can export data for you to import into spreadsheets for analysis. You can pull the numbers from MinuteHound at the airport, import them, and run the numbers and analysis in the air. Web based time management means having your data the way you want it. Technical support and lifetime updates are included in your very low monthly fee. Web based time management is pay as you go, no long term commitments or obligations required. Start saving and spark a change in your office today, upgrade to MinuteHound and focus on your business!

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