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Honor Thy Fingerprint Employee Clocking In System!

Biometric fingerprint scanning systems have been at the forefront of spy movies for decades, but recently, they have been finding their way into the corporate world. But what are biometrics? A biometric fingerprint clocking in system is a specific software program that can identify individuals by their fingerprints. Instead of swiping an ID badge, employees only need to swipe their finger when entering or exiting from work. Not only is it one of the simplest, but it’s only the most convenient way to verify employee attendance.

A MinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system offers business owners a wide array of benefits to include:
No more lost ID badges or forgotten passwords.
Accurate identification.
Superior level of efficacy.
Forgery is impossible.
User friendly.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, a fingerprint clocking in system provides companies with an insurmountable level of security. When you think about it, fingerprints are a strange twist of nature. As human beings, we have built-in identity cards. Our fingerprints are comprised of ridges and valleys. These similar to the treads on a tire. Each of us have a unique design literally at our fingertips. Since your employees’ fingerprints are used as a means of identification, it’s impossible for co-workers to cover for one another. MinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system takes uniqueness of our fingerprints and uses them to create individualized numerical codes for every one of your employees. This eliminates the need for PIN codes, paper time sheets and manual calculation of hours. Everything is stored within 128-bit encryption on the cloud.

Progressive Technology

MinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system reduces the cost of overhead in many ways. For example:
Unauthorized overtime doesn’t exist.
Extra hours needed to manually complete paper time sheets disappears.
Time spent doing data entry for payroll significantly decreases.

It’s impossible to have any type of relationship without trust, and this includes the relationship between employer and employee. Oftentimes, business owners are far to preoccupied to notice those employees who are trying to “cheat” the system. Buddy punching, time theft and payroll fraud cost companies thousands of dollars each year. Installation of a fingerprint clocking in system will give you the peace of mind that everyone is working their designated shift. Addition, you have the possibility to verify your employees’ whereabouts from your lap top, mobile phone, tablet. MinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system is so sophisticated, it’s possible to send yourself customized text messages or emails when someone doesn’t arrive on time. With MinuteHound’s fingerprint clocking in system, you are able to build a higher level of honesty and trust within the workplace.

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MinuteHound Fingerprint Clocking In System.

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