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One way to get ahead in today’s business driven world is to make sure your employees are honest with how much they work and when they work. That seems hard to do without an expensive biometric fingerprint time clock. Are you tired of seeing countless abuses of your punch card or pen and paper time clock system? Perhaps you are even tired of dealing with employees who say they are present for eight hours a day, but it’s really only seven and a half hours. Does it seem like the only way to fix the problem is to hire someone to watch your employees like a hawk because those fingerprint time clocks that automatically keep track of everything seem so expensive? Look no further than MinuteHound!

MinuteHound is a fingerprint time clock solution that is based in the cloud, meaning you have little hardware to actually buy. Connect one or more of the fingerprint time clocks provided by MinuteHound to any of your companies existing computers and watch the savings roll in. MinuteHound enables you to monitor your employee’s time clock entries in real time from anywhere in the world! Because the fingerprint time clocks are connected to the internet, MinuteHound can text or email you anytime one of your employees clocks in late or leaves early. Perhaps you have security concerns over your employees using their fingerprint to clock in and out using one of MinuteHound’s patented fingerprint time clocks? Well don’t, as fingerprint are never stored! MinuteHound can eliminate time theft in your workplace.

MinuteHound also has a version of their timeclock software that lets your employees use a username/password combination to clock in and out using any device instead of fingerprint time clocks. Without scanning employee fingerprints it would be quite easy for time theft to still occur within your company, right? Wrong! Even though this app based solution lacks the peace of mind of the biometric fingerprint scanners, the app records the IP address and timestamp of every clock in/out so you can still be sure everyone is working when and where they should be working.

You won’t even need to spend much time or money on training your HR staff or yourself on using MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clocks. The software/ hardware combination is plug and play, meaning once you decide to make the switch from punch out systems or time logs to MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clocks you can just plug everything in and start saving money. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clocks also remove your need for physical timecards or time monitoring inventory. Just plug in the provided fingerprint time clock to any computer connected to the internet and eliminate time theft from your company while only spending pennies a day!

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