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When you are paying multiple employees low hourly wages, time is money- and trusting your employees with that time just isn’t feasible. The MinuteHound desktop time clock system is the solution to all of your time management needs.

With MinuteHound, your time and attendance records are obtained securely with fingerprint scanning technology. These fingerprint scans, which are never stored for the safety of your employees’ identities, trigger the MinuteHound desktop time clock system to clock your employees in or out. All they do is place their finger or thumb upon every entry and exit. These records are then sent to a cloud server where they are stored far away from your workers. You can access and manage these records securely, 24/7, from your computer. This fingerprint and offsite storage method means that employees have no way to use traditional time-theft methods such as buddy-clocking or time card manipulation. That’s because the time card is your employee’s personal fingerprint, and faking a fingerprint is impossible!

Simple Desktop Time Clock use Computers you Already Have!

Every business owner knows that the most reliable tools at their disposal are the economy business desktop computers they already have. Why invest in a desktop time clock system that operates separately from the machines you use for everything else? Your time cards will be backed up in the cloud, where they can be accessed by any of your computers through an HTML interface. All you need is the password, and you can manipulate time cards from anywhere in the world, 24/7. MinuteHound desktop time clock software is simple to install, and registering every employee’s fingerprint on your personal business computers is simple and takes about 1 minute per employee. .

Automatically “Hound” Late Employees!
The future is here: Finger AttendanceThe MinuteHound desktop time clock system can be set up to notify managers and employees of the clock in status in real time. That means that managers will be able to tell whether they have too many employees present for a given shift. The desktop time clock system can also be set to warn late employees of their absenteeism. These warnings can be sent to anyone in the system, at any time.

MinuteHound Desktop Time Clocks Give Your Business the Edge

Every business owner knows that micromanagement of employee’s work time set them on edge and increases stress. That can lead to higher turn over, and lower overall wages. That might be the profit margin advantage that pushes your business up over the competition. Try the MinuteHound desktop time clock risk-free today.

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