Does Facial Recognition Work for Business? What Are The Costs?

Boost Productivity, Reduce Illness, Stay Safer with Facial Recognition Businesses everywhere are having to make large changes amid the pandemic, but some of the changes are pushing companies forward to overall cost saving methods. One of these changes is by offering new technology that limits the amount of physical contact an employee encounters at work. Many companies have offered biometric fingerprint scanning for clocking in and out for several years, but now they have to worry about constant sanitizing of the scanner. This is where facial recognition comes into play.

Types of Facial Recognition
There are two types of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT), verification and identification. The verification is just a simple piece of biometrics that compares your face with other faces that have been put into the system. This is the type of software you can find on smartphones. It is also one of the best for work places because you can have it set to different clearance levels. The other type of FRT is identification.

Why FRT?
Technology has continued to change companies. Employers used to have to have people sign in and out (or swipe key cards), then they moved to a pin number they would log into a system. Finally, many companies have switched to a fingerprint scanner to identify employees. FRT is a better option because the scanners will continually need cleaned as many people touch it to scan in. FRT does not require any physical contact and the scanning system uses a web application that requires no additional hardware to be installed.

Money Saving
Any mention of adding new technology can spark fears of cost. However, with FRT, the costs are minimal and you will save money overall. The technology works on computers and smart phones you already own, and it will increase the productivity of your company. The scanning takes less than a second and employees do not have to waste time looking for their access card or punching in numbers. Finally, the business will save money because if a face is not scanned, an employee is not on the clock.

If you are looking for a way to boost productivity, save more money overall, and keep your employees healthy, then FRT is an option to consider. MinuteHound offers the ability to install the software within minutes and gives you a free trial to make sure the program will work for you.

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