Employee Time And Attendance Reviews: 24/7 Access From Anywhere

Biometric Time And Attendance Reviews Of Staff

Managers need more help with time and attendance reviews of their employees. MinuteHound is a great option. This cloud based service provides a biometric time clock that automatically records each and every unique employee. On top of this, that employee’s data is recorded in a database. This database can be accessed from anywhere in the world to create time and attendance reviews.

Managers can also set up time and attendance reviews with employees using the most current information on the MinuteHound cloud. This allows businesses to keep an eye on the average sick days and late days of employees. They can do this at store locations all over the world. This information is processed by the database servers and turned into accurate reports for time and attendance reviews with employees. The clock in data also helps managers to keep an eye on those who are coming in late.

Conduct Time And Attendance Reviews For Perfect Reports

Working with MinuteHound’s biometric time clock is an easy process. The biometric reader connects to any standard computer and records employee information when they clock in and out each shift. This data is sent to one of several server sites around the world. The data is also broken up into pieces and encrypted for added security. Time and attendance reviews give you as an employer and/or manager a huge advantage.

Your able to view these reports, and conduct time and attendance reviews from any mobile device. On the plane, waiting in line, or watching TV at home you have access. You can quickly log-in, click on your employees and read your time and attendance reviews. The system further helps out the super busy employer or one who is away from the job and can’t perform hourly time and attendance reviews. The system sends managers an email or text alert whenever an employee shows up late or doesn’t clock in. This makes it super easy to stay on top of attendance problems at work. Managers will know whom to speak with when they decide to run time and attendance reviews.

Time And Attendance Reviews: Secure, Safe, and Easy

Safe and Secure Cloud Technology From MinuteHoundBiometric readers are used by businesses and governments all over the world for their accuracy and security. Small businesses can now use these readers to ensure that their employees are clocking in on time. They also ensure that no employees are clocking in for a friend. The reader will only recognize the unique biometric reading of each employee when they clock in. This way your time and attendance reviews of reports are guaranteed accurate.

MinuteHound takes this service a step further. They provide a database cloud to give managers access to their time clock information for time and attendance reviews from anywhere in the world. The system will also alert managers by text and email of late or no show employees. When looking for a time clock system that provides everything, consider this biometric reader with a cloud.

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