Fingerprint Time Clock For Small Business 2020

A Fingerprint Time Clock Will Save You Much More Than Time Time theft is an all too natural occurrence in the workplace. Employees sometimes arrive a few minutes late, stay on breaks for longer than they should, or leave a little early to beat the traffic. They may have a buddy sign in for them and return the favor later on. With MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint technology, you can eliminate time theft in your workplace and save some serious cash.

Easy to Use

Everything is plug and play. All you need is the scanner and a computer with an internet connection. The software runs in the background, meaning it won’t interfere with your work. Your employees simply place their finger on the fingerprint time clock and voila! No need to worry about a complicated training process. You don’t need to become a specialist or an expert for the system to work for you. Should you need any assistance, round-the-clock support is always available.


The fingerprint time clock from MinuteHound uses 128-bit encryption, so you don’t have to worry about your employees’ privacy. No one can reverse-engineer this data to reveal the identity of an employee. Unlike other biometric time clocks, MinuteHound does not store fingerprint images.

Live Reporting

MinuteHound knows that running a business can leave you busy. You won’t always have time to monitor which employees were honest about their time that day. With MinuteHound’s cloud-based technology, you can choose to receive either an email or a text whenever an employee uses the fingerprint time clock to arrive late or leave early. Advanced software gives you more time to focus on the essential details of running your business.

Are you worried about what happens when you’re out of the office? You can check on your employees by logging in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Now it doesn’t matter if the boss is away. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock keeps your employees honest, so you don’t have to worry.

Save Money on Payroll

MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock automatically stores your data. With instant access to your company’s attendance records, filing cabinets full of timecards are a thing of the past. Your payroll department doesn’t need to spend hours and hours combing through records, saving your company a fortune in accounting labor.

Ready to save your company money? For just pennies a day, you can eliminate time theft and organize your payroll process. It’s risk-free, and there are no obligations. Start your free trial and get your fingerprint time clock today.

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