Safe and Accurate Time and Attendance During COVID19

Keeping Track of Time and Attendance in a COVID-19 World All around the country, people are starting to get back to work. Each workplace looks a lot different than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and employees are starting to get used to lots of changes. Since even the worst events have opportunities for silver linings, many businesses are starting to look at the things they can do to get more efficient and save some money. They are also looking for ways that they can offer a safer work environment for their employees by helping them avoid situations that could spread illness.

One such opportunity exists with time and attendance. Every year, many companies lose lots of money due to time, employees punching in and out for others, as well as human error. By going with some new time and attendance solutions from MinuteHound, companies can make the workplace safer and save money.

What Kind of Time and Attendance Solutions Does MinuteHound Offer?

MinuteHound offers multiple types of software solutions that help ensure that employees are punching in correctly. All software is cloud-based, meaning that you can connect to it from any internet connection in the world. It also will alert you by e-mail if an employee arrives late or leaves early from an assigned shift. The solutions are intuitive and require no training to use. You can start using it right away. It also doesn’t require timecards or anything of that nature, so it is inexpensive to run. To top it off, the system is encrypted, so it is ultra secure.

Cloud Based Solutions include:

  • Biometric Fingerprint Recognition—With this system, the employee would punch in using their fingerprint. It requires a scanner that must be purchased from our company.
  • Web Based Option—If you choose this system, it will allow employees to punch in from their mobile device or the internet.
  • Facial Recognition Technology—In a world that is still dealing with a pandemic, this solution requires no contact and has no additional hardware to purchase if you have a working web camera.

The Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology in a COVID-19 World

One thing learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that the illness can spread through contaminated surfaces. Facial recognition technology is contact-less which means that there isn’t the chance of employees spreading this illness while they are punching in or leaving for the day. This technological solution allows you to help reduce the risk of infection in your workplace, making it safer for everyone.

It also cuts down on payroll costs. All the data you need to save for local, state, and federal purposes never goes away. By reducing any possibility for fraud and no additional hardware to buy, this option can end up saving you money during a time when fiscal responsibility is key.

Help Keep Your Staff Safer While Saving Money

Facial recognition technology and web-based solutions are a great way for employees to maintain their social distancing practices and avoid touching contaminated surfaces. They also have the benefit of saving you money in the long run. Contact MinuteHound today and learn how these services work for you and implementing new technology is the direct answer needed for this COVID19 world.

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