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The Benefits of Using State of the Art Attendance Fingerprint

Many business owners are searching for improved ways to manage the hours that their workers register. If they are utilizing time cards and other types of outdated technology, they need to find a way to upgrade soon. Individuals in this situation should try attendance fingerprint systems from MinuteHound.

Attendance Fingerprint Help Managers View Employee Attendance Online
One of the benefits of using an attendance fingerprint system is that it enables managers to view employee attendance online wherever they are. With this, they have on the spot knowledge of who is absent or late for a shift. Additionally, it helps them determine what departments need more personnel during a shift.

Attendance Fingerprint Helps Reduce Payroll Cost by 2 Percent
Aside from helping managers see how many employees are present during a shift, attendance fingerprint type systems also help reduce payroll costs by around 2 percent. They help eliminate paper cards and other costs that are associated with traditional attendance tracking methods. These systems reduce the time spent verifying attendance data as well.

Fingerprint systems also decrease the time needed to process and calculate payroll. They also eliminate errors in calculating work hours and the preparation of payroll such as manual reentering and wrong entries. In addition, they centralize payroll processing and reduce the involvement of accounting and HR personnel in payroll preparation.

Attendance Fingerprint From MinuteHound Utilize Patented Technology

Another advantage of using attendance fingerprint from Minutehound is that it has a patented technology. This technology has the following characteristics that make it stand out from the rest.

Uniqueness:MinuteHound is the only company that can provide a 100 percent Internet cloud-based system. Customers are assured that they are using a system that works all the time.

More Secure:MinuteHound’s patented technology is more secure than other options as well. This is because it takes technology that was once only available to military facilities and puts into the hands of businesses. It is not vulnerable to user fraud. This helps eliminate other people punching in or out for an employee.

Attendance Fingerprint System Has a Unique Message Delivery Mechanism

MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockAnother benefit of using the fingerprint attendance system from Minutehound is that it has the unique capability to send a text message or email to notify a manager that an employee is late. Aside from that, notifications can be sent to anyone in the company including late employees. With this, managers are easily able to determine who is often late to work and help them plan necessary actions based on definitive records.

With these benefits, attendance fingerprint systems have the capability to help businesses create a workforce that is highly productive while increasing their revenue at the same time. This is because it completely eliminates unnecessary expenses and fraud that can have a huge impact on a company’s revenue.

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