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Why You Need a Fingerprint Time Clock

When it comes to trying to keep track of their employees, some managers simply want to throw their hands up in the air and take a loss! When you are dealing with people clocking in for others, employees that get slips signed by careless managers, and missing papers, you are looking at something that is costing you time and money. Fortunately, this is where MinuteHound comes to the rescue with a unique and fascinating solution: fingerprint time clock!

What Is the Fingerprint Time Clock?
Essentially, the fingerprint time clock is a piece of biometric technology that prevents anyone from clocking in except for the employees themselves. Instead of needing to get a slip signed or a time card punched into a machine, the employee needs to be at their station and roll their finger tip over the scanner. At that point, and only at that point are they considered logged in and ready to go. The fingerprint time clock is impressively secure technology; it uses 128-bit encryption to transfer data, allowing you rest easy about getting the right information!

Why Use the Fingerprint Time Clock?
The biggest and best reason to use the fingerprint time clock is to make sure that you never have to worry about whether your employees are taking advantage of you. No one can clock anyone else in or out. On top of that, you have the benefit of going to an utterly paperless system, meaning that you can take your old paperwork and toss it away. The reports are sent to a secure location for you to access. On top of that, you receive immediate alerts when someone has failed to clock in by a certain time. If they have not clocked in, a message is sent to the phone or email account of your choice.

Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackThe innovative cloud based system means that you can check on your employees’ progress and presence no matter where they are or what you are doing. Unlike other systems, which are only usable in the office, the MinuteHound fingerprint time clock can be taken across the country. You can check on remote employees just like you can check on the people working in your own office!

Am I On My Own With the Fingerprint Time Clock?
If you are looking at this technology and feeling a little nervous about it, don’t be! Once you sign on with MinuteHound, you are going to get tons of support, both in terms of set up and after the system is running. MinuteHound provides its clients with round the clock backup no matter what. Seven days a week, you always have someone to talk to about your service. Get wise and start using the fingerprint time clock to track your employees and to handle your irritating timekeeping!

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