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Stop Losing Money With Outdated Time Attendance Clocks

While trusting employees is essential for a functioning business, MinuteHound supports staff without questioning worker integrity. As a business owner or manager, you wish to trust all employee time sheets. While most employees strive to record their time with honesty and integrity, not everyone shares the same sentiment. While hiring honorable workers is one way to curtail losing money, upgrading time attendance clocks provides a passive avenue of safeguarding clock-ins.

Time attendance Clocks – Stepping Into the Future

The days of documenting work hours through a manual machine, or with simple software applications, is over. Advanced-level biometric programs allow managers around the world to regain control over employee time sheets. Before delving into the real-world benefits of MinuteHound, what are some examples of time sheet manipulation?

False Clock-Ins – Let’s say Sharon is running late for work. Instead of waiting to clock-in, she calls her friend Krista to punch in on her behalf. While this may seem innocent enough, as an employer you’re paying Sharon to sit in traffic.

Time sheet Manipulation – It happens to the best of us. We hit snooze a few extra times, our car wouldn’t start or we simply forgot to clock-in upon arrival. Instead of speaking with the manager, the employee could manually change his time entry to reflect the schedule.

While the aforementioned may not seem paramount, situations like these end up costing employers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year. While creating an honest work environment is key to employee accountability, installing advanced time attendance clocks dramatically curtail such scenarios.

MinuteHound – Biometric Time Attendance Clocks
Build Your Success With Biometric SolutionsUnlike other time sheet programs, MinuteHound prevents time card abuse by eliminating false clock-ins and work hour manipulation. Instead of signing into a program with a unique ID common with most time attendance clocks, MinuteHound utilizes fingerprint technology. Employees press their finger against a specialized pad, and voila, their clock-in or clock-out is automatically recorded.

Forego the often-abused honor system and monitor employee activity through MinuteHound’s patented cloud-based monitoring system. Automatic notifications inform managers and employees when they’ve clocked-in or even when they’re late. Try finding this with other time attendance clocks.

Save Money With Time Attendance Clocks

Businesses both small and large should concern themselves with cost-saving procedures. Closely guarding attendance records ensures money is not frivolously spent. While you can’t ensure your new product will sell millions, you can ensure money is well-spent through biometric time attendance clocks. As a business owner, you have enough on your plate. Utilize the real-world benefits of MinuteHound and take payroll monitoring off your list of concerns. With an ever-growing roster of satisfied clients, join the cloud of smart employers with MinuteHound.

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