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When you are physically on-site at your facility, it is easy to monitor the actions of your employees. Their attendance and punctuality may be noted, and if they are tardy for their shift or are unable to attend, you can immediately take action to remedy the situation. However, it is an unfortunate by true fact that some employees will attempt to conceal their tardiness or absence by using the buddy system. This means that they may have a trusted co-worker clock in and out for them. This gives the appearance that they were on-site working their shift as scheduled, and you are even required to pay for that employee’s attendance for the shift despite the fact he or she did not work. With MinuteHound attendance management software, this problem is eliminated.

How Employees Clock In
Hourly employees are generally required to clock in for each shift that they work. They may be scheduled to work a six hour shift, but they may arrive later and leave earlier. In some cases, they may have a trusted co-worker clock in for them, and they may arrive significantly late or leave significantly earlier than they are scheduled to. As a business owner or manager, this can create a situation where your facility is not properly staffed and your customers are not adequately served. This type of time clock manipulation can result in significant loss due to theft on the part of the employee. In fact, the American Payroll Association estimates that this type of time theft may equate to a two to eight percent increase in payroll expense for the average company.

How MinuteHound Attendance Management Software Solves the Problem
USB Fingerprint ReaderClearly, the problem of time theft or even honest attendance issues can affect a company in many ways. Through MinuteHound attendance management software, employees are required to place their fingertip over a pad for a biometric reading when they clock in and out of a shift. This ensures that their body was physically present at the times indicated. The data is collected by MinuteHound attendance management software, and it is stored in a cloud-based environment. You will be able to review and access this information in a real-time manner, and you can even receive text messages when employees fail to arrive for a shift. Through this attendance management software program, you can take immediate action to ensure that your facility is properly staffed.

While MinuteHound is not the only attendance management software program available for you to select, it is the best option. With its innovative features and its user-friendly design, this attendance management software program can be implemented in your facility quickly.

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