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Update Your Attendance Machine with MinuteHound

If your company is using an outdated attendance machine, you can benefit significantly by updating your machine with the innovative MinuteHound software. Many companies continue to use an outdated, old-fashioned attendance machine that requires employees to physically punch in for a shift using a paper time card. Their arrival and departure times for a shift are noted, and these time cards are turned into the payroll processing staff at the end of the pay period. Other companies have updated their attendance machine and may use a digital solution to complete this task. However, even the basic digital solutions are not as effective as they could be. When you retire your attendance machine and select MinuteHound as your software program, your company can benefit in several ways.

A High-Tech Attendance Machine
MinuteHound is a high-tech software solution that provides you with the benefits of an old-fashioned attendance machine coupled with advanced features. For example, employees no longer need to punch in for a shift using a paper time card. Instead, they place their fingertip over a biometric reader for personal identification. The reader identifies the employee and collects attendance data, and because of this, it is not possible for a co-worker to clock in for another employee. This data is collected in a real-time format, and it is unique because it has patented biometric technology that stores data in the cloud. There are also other features, such as text notification settings that you can set to notify employees when they are late for their shift.

How MinuteHound Helps You
Internet Based Time TrackingManaging employees can be challenging, and when their attendance or punctuality is a problem, your company can suffer. For example, time theft from employees who participate in the buddy system for clocking in and out can result in monetary loss for your company. In addition, when employees manipulate the time clock for their benefit, it can be difficult for you to properly staff your facility. This means that the tasks those employees are responsible for, such as customer service or sales, may be negatively affected. Furthermore, contacting employees about why they are late for the shifts can be a drain on your time and resources. When you replace your old attendance machine with MinuteHound, you can improve your work functions in each of these areas.

If you have been searching for a better solution for attendance and time clock management than your old attendance machine, MinuteHound is the right option. This is among the most innovative and advanced solutions on the market today, and it is available to you with a risk-free satisfaction guarantee. With this guarantee and with how easy it is to learn how to use, there is no better time than right now to order MinuteHound.

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