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An Electronic Time Clock To Fit Unique Needs

Every business is one of a kind, with unique needs to fill. Even most franchises are run independently, giving it that personal touch. The feature that makes all organizations, small or large, the same is employees. Everyone works to be paid, and business owners need to ensure their employees get paid for their time worked. Introducing MinuteHound’s electronic time clock, which works in any size company in any environment. The electronic time clock is durable, and has the highest read rate in the industry- meaning that whether its setup in a dentist’s office or construction site, it will work flawlessly.

An electronic time clock works on behalf of the business owner, to eliminate cheating and fraud when dealing with payroll. In just about every workplace in every industry, employees have friends who cover for each other, fudge numbers to get paid more, and in general find ways to cheat the system to get paid. An electronic time clock literally stops all of this. MinuteHound’s electronic time clock requires all employees to be physically present and verify their attendance by scanning their finger or thumb. That is the only way staff can record their time worked. Friends at work cannot share fingerprints, therefore making an electronic time clock foolproof and 100% accurate.

How The Electronic Time Clock Saves Companies Money

Since the electronic time clock is the size of a computer mouse, it takes up virtually no space. There is no complicated installation or need call an electrician. Once an account is created with MinuteHound, the electronic time clock is shipped out via priority mail. It’s plug and play, so once the package is received the installation is as 1-2-3, open it up, plug it in, download the software. After that employees get registered and each and every unique business is ready to use powerful technology once only available to large corporations.

Electronic Time ClockThe electronic time clock works wonders as it is green and paperless, as everything is digital. If employees want to see their time cards, have them log-in and view it. Have to run reports? Just log-in and run reports! Employees only have basic access, so they can’t make changes or see anyone’s record. Administrators have higher access and are able to edit and modify reports. Payroll is easy, as its done within a few clicks. Since all times were recorded using an electronic time clock, every business owner knows the reports are correct and true.

The Electronic Time Clock Guarantee

Most products come with some some type of warranty, and most of them expire or more often than not, worthless. MinuteHound’s electronic time clock is the exception, as if anything ever goes wrong, or even if you just want to cancel services, return the electronic time clock for the money back. To put it more clearly, each electronic time clock from MinuteHound costs $99.95, so if for whatever reason at anytime, if you decide to cancel your MinuteHound subscription, return the device for the full $99.95 back! Just pick up a phone or shoot over an email, and MinuteHound will even provide the return shipping cost! The electronic time clock works, and will increase savings in any working environment. Try it today and if you don’t like it, just return it for your money back!

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